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After the Brexit vote

25 Aug 2016

Mike Macnair argues that very little has become clearer since late June

Which side are you on?

21 Jul 2016

Why is the Morning Star’s Communist Party of Britain willing to be an ally of the Labour thought police, asks Dave Lynch

Defend Corbyn where it really matters

14 Jul 2016

Why do sections of the left refuse to call for people join the Labour Party? Peter Manson looks at the contradictions of the SWP and SPEW

Parroting the ‘party’ line

07 Jul 2016

A genuine exchange of ideas is the last thing the SWP leadership wants, writes Peter Manson

Fear, confusion and delusions

30 Jun 2016

Left responses to the referendum result vary from despondency to total exuberance. Both are misplaced, argues Paul Demarty

Blundering ineptitude

16 Jun 2016

There are furious objections to the Morning Star giving Ken Livingstone a regular column. Peter Manson reports

Royal pomp and Hollandisation

29 Oct 2015

President Xi’s visit highlights what seems to be a changing strategic orientation of British imperialism, says Eddie Ford

No strategy towards Labour

30 Apr 2015

What is the left saying about the general election? Daniel Harvey has been investigating

Morning Star: Nothing to see here

14 Aug 2014

A journalist’s angry resignation has been followed immediately by the departure of its editor and company secretary. Paul Demarty doesn’t believe in coincidences

National socialist illusions

24 Jul 2014

Labour’s plans for the part-nationalisation of the rail network have caused confusion over at the Morning Star, writes Peter Manson

Playing a fool's game

12 Jun 2014

The ‘common sense’ consensus on migration stretches from Ukip and the Tories to the CPB and SPEW, writes Peter Manson

May 22 results: Once again a sorry joke

29 May 2014

The left’s election results reflect its lack of social roots, reports Peter Manson

Russia’s apologists

09 Dec 1999

Morning Star and Chechnya

SLP abolishes annual congress

11 Nov 1999

CPB in merger talks

Left numbers game

07 Oct 1999

Labour Party lobby

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