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Mr Griffiths goes to Beijing

07 Sep 2023

Showered with all manner of treats, the CPB’s gensec is a credulous fanboy of China’s ‘socialist modernisation’, writes Paul Demarty

Stoked by government ministers

16 Feb 2023

Kevin Bean reports on the Knowsley riot, its causes and the inadequacies of the economistic left’s responses

Self-determination is a right

01 Dec 2022

Mike Macnair scrutinises the UK Supreme Court’s ruling on ‘Indyref2’ and looks at some typically inadequate left responses

Zero-Covid and its discontents

01 Dec 2022

Beijing’s failure to roll out an effective vaccination programme has forced it to rely on lockdowns. However, there are leftwing Sinophiles who want to emulate the Xi regime, writes Eddie Ford

General election now?

10 Nov 2022

Much of the left is tailing Sir Keir and the liberal media in promoting the poison of presidentialism. Kevin Bean presents the republican alternative

For whom the bell tolls

06 Oct 2022

The mini-budget fiasco and the humiliation of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng holds sobering lessons for the national socialist left, argues Paul Demarty

Much ado about nothing?

22 Sep 2022

Eddie Ford surveys leftwing coverage of the death, mass outpouring and funeral of Elizabeth Windsor, and finds some more lacking than others

Imperialist Russia?

08 Sep 2022

The Morning Star and Communist Review are locked into a debate on whether or not the Russian Federation should be characterised as an imperialist power. Mike Macnair investigates the protagonists and their arguments

Expect broken promises

01 Sep 2022

Enough is Enough will not deliver a new workers’ party. On the contrary it will enhance the career prospects of the likes of Andy Burnham and return masses of angry people to the Labour fold, argues James Harvey

Indy2, strikes and boycotts

28 Jul 2022

Why are the ‘official communists’ in such a muddle over the SNP’s bid to hold a legal referendum on independence? James Harvey critiques the YCL’s gensec

Mick Lynch meets the media

30 Jun 2022

We cannot rely on the ‘balance, fairness and objectivity’ of the enemy’s press and television - we need our own full-spectrum alternative, argues Paul Demarty

A name that spells trouble

23 Jun 2022

The YCL's very public pro-Stalin chanting at the recent TUC demo was clearly a provocation aimed directly at Robert Griffiths and his timid leadership of the CPB, writes Lawrence Parker

The police and standing army too

10 Feb 2022

The SWP is bad, but the CPB is worse. Jack Conrad critiques the cowardly, tailist, opportunist left and stands by what used to be the uncontroversial call to establish a popular militia

Pink is the colour

27 Jan 2022

Despite supposedly bringing “feminism and gender perspective to power”, Gabriel Boric does not impress Eddie Ford. What sort of “candidate of the streets” supports laws criminalising street barricades?

Failing the Lenin test

21 Oct 2021

A spooked leadership is attempting to silence its left critics, especially the rebel youth wing. The use of cadre names, defence of Stalin, advocacy of a popular militia and any public dissent have been outlawed. Paul Demarty reports on what could end up as a messy split

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