Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Government in retreat

23 Jan 1997

Taking on the state

Bosses’ clampdown reaches Korea

16 Jan 1997

No future under Labour

16 Nov 1995

Clarke sharpens the axe

09 Nov 1995

Peter Lilley, hardly a friend of the working class, has been told to think again. His proposed £1 billion cut in social security spending was rejected as “not enough” by the Treasury. So, Lilley is now looking for fresh victims - single parents, young people, victims of industrial injury ...

Mere numbers on a page

02 Nov 1995

Squeezing out profit

10 Aug 1995

Blair attacks welfare as bosses’ pay soars

20 Jul 1995

As the bosses agree that they are worth every penny of the millions they pay themselves, more and more they are looking to Tony Blair’s ‘new Labour’ to screw down even harder on workers

Shell survives

29 Jun 1995

Brent Spar is moved but Shell lives to fight another day

Spinning out profit

15 Jun 1995

Overwork and stress are affecting all sections of society

Capitalism on trial

08 Jun 1995

Do you feel good?

06 Apr 1995

‘Middle England’ moves centre stage

06 Apr 1995

Major makes his appeal to middle England

Crisis waiting to happen

30 Mar 1995


2,365,000 too many

23 Mar 1995

Vic Turner, honorary president of the Unemployed Workers Charter, gives his reaction to the unemployment figures announced last week

Lost Barings

02 Mar 1995

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