Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Floodtide of capital

28 Jun 2007

Mike Macnair locates the contradiction in capital's desire for free movement and its need to control labour

All-American hero

21 Jun 2007

AJ Byrne reviews Andy Stern's Getting America back on track: a country that works

Origins of fortress west

14 Jun 2007

What is the connection between the development of capitalism and restrictions on the movement of labour? In the first of two articles Mike Macnair traces such restrictions back to feudalism

Hands off our pensions

07 Jun 2007

Now that the stock market has seen a mild recovery, some larger companies are seeking a 'holiday' from their pension fund contributions. Jim Moody comments

SWP "relative autonomy"

25 May 2007

James Turley reviews Alex Callinico's Universities in a neoliberal world (Bookmarks, 2006, pp41, ?2)

Who gets what and why

17 May 2007

Chris Gray (New Interventions) reviews Tim Harford's The undercover economist Little, Brown 2006, pp288, £17.99

Class-consciousness and the naked king

10 May 2007

Russian communist Boris Kagarlitsky, founder of the Moscow-based Institute of Globalisation Studies, speaks to Mark Fischer about Yeltsin, Putin, the liberal opposition and the workers' movement

New scramble for Africa?

05 Apr 2007

Fifty years after African colonies began to win formal independence from the imperialists Nick Rogers looks at the continent's political and economic significance today

Seeds of the new society

07 Dec 2006

Within the symptoms of decline, Hillel Ticktin argues, there are anticipations of the future

Fuse workers' movement and Marxism

09 Nov 2006

Boris Kagarlitsky looks at the prospects and possibilities for the Russian left

Capitalist logic and NHS Logistics

21 Sep 2006

Privatisation of the whole of the national health service may not be on the cards just yet. But an important part of it is to be privatised in a few days. Jim Moody reports

Iran's workers need support

07 Sep 2006

Iran's president Ahmadinejad is a defender of neoliberalism, says Yassamine Mather

Decline and the transition to socialism

13 Oct 2005

Hillel Ticktin concludes his discussion on the theory of decline by examining its forms as capitalism makes way for a higher society

The theory of decline and capital

06 Oct 2005

In the first of two articles, Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, looks at the rise and fall of different modes of production and the problems of transition and non-transition

Political economy of aid

30 Jun 2005

What lies behind the establishment's 'campaign for Africa'? Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, looks beneath the hype

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