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The 'new era of war and revolution'

10 Apr 2014

Did the outbreak of World War I cause Lenin to break with the ‘Marxism of the Second International’? In this extract from his contribution to a book to be published later this year, Lars T Lih argues that the opposite was the case

Taaffe: Superannuated teacher, superannuated politics

20 Feb 2014

Peter Taaffe’s approach to Bolshevik history reveals the mindset of a man more committed to preserving his sect regime than learning from our movement’s past. Ben Lewis responds to his review of Lars T Lih

Bordiga and the fate of Bordigism

19 Dec 2013

Though he is largely remembered in the context of Lenin’s polemic against ‘left-wing’ communism, Amadeo Bordiga remains a towering figure of the 20th century workers’ movement. David Broder explores his ideas and political record

Lukács: The philosophy trap

21 Nov 2013

György Lukács provided the ‘theoretical overkill’ for the bureaucratic centralism of groups like the SWP, argues Mike Macnair

The party we need

07 Nov 2013

Is ‘actually existing Leninism’ the right model? In this edited version of his speech at the CPGB’s Communist University earlier this year, Moshé Machover explains why it is wrong

AWL review: Education or training?

01 Aug 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: Cathy Nugent (ed) 'Marxist ideas to turn the tide: readings and reflections on revolutionary socialist strategy'. Phoenix Press/Workers’ Liberty, 2013, pp138, £5

Democratic centralism: Further fortunes of a formula

25 Jul 2013

While the emphasis inevitably shifted according to circumstances, writes Lars T Lih, for the Bolsheviks democracy was just as vital as centralism

Not taking into account the specific conditions

18 Jul 2013

Another session on Leninism, another show-down. Sarah McDonald was there

Alex in wonderland

18 Jul 2013

Attempts by the leadership to portray the SWP as the only ‘Leninist’ organisation in town are totally at odds with reality, argues Ben Lewis

SWP leadership: Laughable history produces laughable results

11 Jul 2013

Jack Conrad argues that the pre-1917 Bolshevik model of organisation should be properly studied and properly understood

Democratic centralism: Fortunes of a formula

11 Apr 2013

How did 'democratic centralism' become 'democratic centralism'? Lars T Lih looks at the changing use of the phrase by the Bolsheviks

Debate: Lukács reloaded

07 Mar 2013

Dealing with the complex legacy of Georg Lukács demands something more sophisticated than treating him as an honorary member of the SWP, argues Lawrence Parker

Alex Callinicos: haunted by the real Lenin

07 Mar 2013

Ben Lewis observed few signs of ‘revolt’ at last weekend’s SWSS day school

SWP CC and theory: Self-serving dishonesty

28 Feb 2013

Do the Socialist Workers Party’s ‘stability’ and ‘clear perspectives’ result from its ban on permanent factions? You must be joking, writes Mike Macnair

Comintern review: Not a school of strategy

21 Feb 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: John Riddell (ed), 'Toward the united front: proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International 1922'. Brill, 2012, pp1310, €200 (paperback also available from Haymarket Books, £39.99)