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Trump, trade and the tech war

With globalisation and growth on pause for a decade, Trump’s trade wars aim to keep the biggest US hi-tech and intellectual property companies on top, argues Michael Roberts

Chinese bank's alternative to Marxism

Is ‘trading economics’ China’s new ‘ideologically acceptable’ theory of capitalism? Michael Roberts looks at the thoughts of a major figure in the People’s Bank of China

Davos and the Donald

Trump’s appearance saw him demand a change in the rules, says Michael Roberts

‘Dead end’ of privatisation

The collapse of Carillion blows apart a key myth, argues Michael Roberts

Cryptocurrency craze

Does bitcoin open the way to a world free from the control of global authorities? No chance, argues Michael Roberts

Hire and fire as they please

With union combativity languishing, writes Michael Roberts, real wages continue to fall despite full employment

Ten years later

What has the bourgeoisie learnt from the 2007-08 crash? Not a great deal, writes Michael Roberts

The walking dead

The G20 only confirmed the sluggish nature of the global economy, writes Michael Roberts

Capital in disarray

The UK economy is set to enter a period of recession, argues Michael Roberts

Keynes or Marx?

What is capital’s driving force? Michael Roberts explores the profit-investment nexus

A story of isolation

Unification under capitalism can only but perpetuate inequality, writes Michael Roberts

Civilisation and the ‘long run’

Will the Keynesian radicals become mainstream conservatives when the long depression ends? It is capitalism itself that is the problem, argues Michael Roberts

Creating a level playing field

How is the law used to protect the interests of capital? Michael Roberts discusses the tension between competition and monopoly

Inequality reaches new high

Marx’s prediction 150 years ago that capitalism would lead to greater concentration of wealth has been borne out, writes Michael Roberts

Capital’s wishful thinking

Sections of the ruling class are now optimistic that Donald Trump will implement pro-business measures. But will they work? Michael Roberts analyses the likely impact of ‘Trumponomics’

Rate of profit continues to fall

Michael Roberts looks at the US data from 1948 to 2015

Turbulence ahead

All the indications are that the global economy is heading for big trouble, writes Michael Roberts

Still stuck in the Jackson Hole

It is profits that matter and investment that decides, writes Michael Roberts

Brexit, TTIP and TPP

Michael Roberts examines a possible effect of a British withdrawal from the European Union

Brexit, China and the Fed

The prospect of a global recession is very real, writes Michael Roberts

Not so new economics

Michael Roberts reports on John McDonnell’s plan to ‘transform capitalism’

Consistent, realistic, verifiable

Michael Roberts reviews: Fred Moseley, 'Money and totality', Brill, 2016, pp436, £102

Close down offshore

Transnational companies and the super-rich routinely get away with not paying taxes. But, writes Michael Roberts, something can be done about it

North and south

What is the nature of modern imperialism, asks Michael Roberts, one hundred years after Lenin?

Robots and capitalism

Can new technology and artificial intelligence open up a new period of expansion for capital? Michael Roberts examines the possibilities and problems

Scams we are still paying for

Michael Roberts reviews: Adam McKay (director/co-writer) The big short 2015, general release

The impending global recession

Blaming China is a diversion, argues Michael Roberts. The USA is still key

Good for the working class?

Michael Roberts examines the inadequacies of Corbynomics

Will the euro survive?

All bets are off, writes Michael Roberts. This article is based on his presentation to the CPGB’s Communist University in August

Is it all over?

Michael Roberts looks at the implications of China’s stock market collapse

Heading for a crash?

Michael Roberts comments on the speculation surrounding China’s latest growth figures

Close down financial casinos

Flash crashes, high-frequency trading and chicanery - ‘spoofing’ is just a symptom, writes Michael Roberts

The lucky generation and the historic limits of capital

Optimism amongst mainstream economists is clearly misplaced, argues Michael Roberts

The spectre of deflation

Will falling prices help stimulate the economy? Michael Roberts argues that, on the contrary, profits will be squeezed

Agony and the ecstasy

The current growth of the UK economy is unsustainable, says Michael Roberts. Indeed, there is a danger of another slump

The current long depression and its nature

Economic slumps are usually preceded by a decline in profits, writes Michael Roberts. This article is based on a presentation made to the CPGB’s Communist University in August 2014

Unpicking Piketty

Thomas Piketty Capital in the 21st century Harvard 2014, pp677, £29.95