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Protest halts deportation

Alastair Thomas celebrates the thwarting of the home office’s Immigration Enforcement goons in Glasgow

Farcical and malicious

The December 2 Labour Against the Witchhunt meeting included an important contribution by black activist Marc Wadsworth. Alan Fox reports

End of the road?

In ditching his old allies in favour of an alliance of ultra-Stalinites and homophobes, Arthur Scargill has driven another nail into the SLP’s coffin

Spending spree veils new attack

After two years of continuing the Tories’ squeeze on health and education New Labour is now playing the bountiful benefactor for all it is worth. Workers should not be fooled

Hypocrisy - the proof

London Socialist Alliance

Police shift on Lawrence

‘Race relations’ row

Euro fightback

New strategy needed for working class in European Union

Follow my leader

Harpal Brar backs Blair on Ireland

Harpal Brar plants flag

Around the left

Tilting at windmills

Racism or national chauvinsim?

Smug complacency

Alan Fox reviews ‘Onward Christian soldiers?’ by Clyde Wilcox

Let he who is without sin ...

Irish hunger strike protest

Labour conference blocks union vote

All out for health

State’s muggers prepare

Gearing up for attacks on working class youth

Unhealthy consensus

Health secretary: new face, same attacks

Lesser evil wins

State gets away with murder

Killed for being in the wrong place

Health unions hold their fire

Anger amongst healthworkers runs high, but many accept that 3% is the most they can expect

Another one bites the dust

Irish prisoners kept hostage

Not another Labour Party!

Militant dilemma

Big business boxes clever

Anglo-Irish anti-climax

Law and order pays dividends

Republican activist, Eddie Copeland, was shot twice by Trooper Andrew Clarke who opened fire on unarmed mourners

Militant hushes up election stand split

Lilley presses home attack

SWP calls for state capitalism

Ireland’s new challenge