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Generosity test

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Protest halts deportation

Alastair Thomas celebrates the thwarting of the home office’s Immigration Enforcement goons in Glasgow

Farcical and malicious

The December 2 Labour Against the Witchhunt meeting included an important contribution by black activist Marc Wadsworth. Alan Fox reports

Riot no answer

Anarchist protest struck a chord - with bourgeois liberals

Euro bolt from blue

SLP rejects Kosovar rights

Brar repeats Livingstone smear

Brar revelation rocks Scargill

English backlash?

Devolution and nationalism

Tories in disarray

Livingstone faces both ways

‘Loyal’ Ken keeps up pressure on Blair

Smash all immigration controls

National chauvinism, not racism, is today the bourgeoisie’s main ideological weapon. And, for all their official anti-racism, the police remain an organ of the chauvinist state

CPGB agrees perspectives

End of the road?

In ditching his old allies in favour of an alliance of ultra-Stalinites and homophobes, Arthur Scargill has driven another nail into the SLP’s coffin

Left’s aim misdirected

Lawrence enquiry

Network of Socialist Alliances launch: One step forward, two steps back

Last Saturday’s Rugby conference of the Network of Socialist Alliances was intended as a step towards creating a democratic structure. Bad politics and a bad agenda ensured failure

Controlling nature

Red-green debate

Spending spree veils new attack

After two years of continuing the Tories’ squeeze on health and education New Labour is now playing the bountiful benefactor for all it is worth. Workers should not be fooled

Hypocrisy - the proof

London Socialist Alliance

Police shift on Lawrence

‘Race relations’ row

Euro fightback

New strategy needed for working class in European Union

Follow my leader

Harpal Brar backs Blair on Ireland

Tories flounder

Harpal Brar plants flag

Around the left

Tilting at windmills

Racism or national chauvinsim?

Smug complacency

Alan Fox reviews ‘Onward Christian soldiers?’ by Clyde Wilcox

Three men, 3,000 votes

Delegates at the December 13-14 congress of the Socialist Labour Party in London's Conway Hall were stunned to learn that they were powerless to change the party’s policies or constitution. The block vote of a single trade union affiliate swamped those of 114 Constituency SLPs

The best hope

Around the left

Entirely consistent

Fight oppression not ‘prejudice’

Bowing to chauvinism

Blair stumbles over Europe

As a result of trying to face both ways over European Monetary Union, the government has suffered its first major setback

Fringe politics

There’s no place for the Tories in Tony Blair’s ‘New Britain’. But he aims to sideline the working class too

Dour pessimism

Alan Fox reviews 'Cross purpose' by Albert Camus (Prince Theatre, Greenwich, to October 5)

Unity against the bureaucrats

As thousands of workers march through Liverpool to show their solidarity with the sacked dockers, most trade union leaders stay away. But does that mean that militants should aim to form an alternative TUC?

Conniving with management

Imperialists ‘disturbed’

End state drug abuse

Let he who is without sin ...

Tories regroup

Some on the left have wildly exaggerated the chances of a split in the ranks of the preferred party of the bourgeoisie

Labour set to hammer workers

From fascism to New Labour

More conservative than the Conservatives

Union leaders bite their tongues

Only millionaires need apply

Bosses applaud Labour bills

As expected, there is little for the working class in the new government’s first legislative proposals

By your friends ...

Maclean: honour the internationalist

Comrade Bob Pitt, author of John Maclean and the CPGB, presented a Communist Party-organised seminar in London last weekend, entitled ‘John Maclean, nationalism and the Party’

Welcome in France but not Britain

Constitutional change on the agenda

Self-determination - nothing less

Significant silence

More frame-up powers

Build the alternative now

Should SLP members call for a Labour vote in the absence of an SLP candidate?

New, improved Scargillism

Indian communists look to SLP

Fiddling the health books

Crisis in education ... Punishing the wrong people

Cane them or throw ’em out - moral guidance, capitalist style

Education ‘commitment’ sham

Party rallies leave members voiceless

Following Blair’s defining New Labour conference speech, John Major takes his shirt off to tell the Tories all they need to know

Royal repair job

Alan Fox reviews The Queen by Ben Pimlott (Harper Collins, pp651)

Major jeopardises imperialist peace

Chronicle of corruption

Make Blair’s attack our opportunity

Blair’s attempt to demonstrate that he has the unions under his thumb was not all plain sailing

Repressive precedent

Labour shows unions their place

No discrimination, No controls

Railworkers... One union, One fight

As the London underground dispute ends and strikes on the rail network look like escalating, media commentators continue to insist that it is all the fault of sinister ‘red’ union leaders

New attack on union rights

London Underground drivers are divided again with the Aslef union accepting management’s latest deal and RMT rejecting by a 3:1 majority. As the Tories threaten to clamp down even harder on trade union rights RMT drivers are now left to go it alone

Class struggle on the tubes

The Socialist Labour Party must use its influence with underground workers to raise the level of the dispute

Class struggle on the tubes

The Socialist Labour Party must use its influence with underground workers to raise the level of the dispute

TUC losing respect

Smash all immigration controls

Is the SLP policy of “establishing a humane and non-racist immigration system” correct? Alan Fox argues for the smashing of all immigration controls

MPs’ gravy train

The lesser evil?

Cuts in jobs, services and attacks on workers’ conditions - whether at work or in health, education or housing - have led millions to despair. But instead of looking for a real alternative the working class, lacking any vision of its own potential to take over the running of society, is reduced to seeking out the ‘lesser evil’

Ireland: rearm for new struggles

First it was talks about talks; now it is ‘all-party’ talks without the most important party. What does the ‘peace process’ mean for revolutionaries in the Six Counties?

The healthcare we need

Balance of forces

Summer Offensive launch

Labour on capitalist offensive

Blair courts US big business

The warm welcome that US business and establishment figures gave to Tony Blair shows that their profits will be safe in ‘new’ Labour hands

South London Labour councillors defect to SLP

In brief

Pitying their victims

IRSP warning

Corrupt system limps on

Debate poses need for communist unity

Last Sunday the Communist Party hosted a debate with the Independent Working Class Association on the need for common action among revolutionaries

Irish ‘peace’ on course

Asylum starvation tactics

Split looms in CPB

Cromwell Street trial sees morality go west

Ford workers show the way

TUC wide of the mark

Smash all immigration controls

Health unions cave in

Told to settle for low pay

Racist criminal cops

Irish hunger strike protest

Labour conference blocks union vote

All out for health

State’s muggers prepare

Gearing up for attacks on working class youth

Unhealthy consensus

Health secretary: new face, same attacks

Lesser evil wins

State gets away with murder

Killed for being in the wrong place

Health unions hold their fire

Anger amongst healthworkers runs high, but many accept that 3% is the most they can expect

Doing the Lord’s work

With friends like these ...

Another one bites the dust

Irish prisoners kept hostage

Not another Labour Party!

Militant dilemma

Big business boxes clever

Anglo-Irish anti-climax

Law and order pays dividends

Republican activist, Eddie Copeland, was shot twice by Trooper Andrew Clarke who opened fire on unarmed mourners

Militant hushes up election stand split

Lilley presses home attack

SWP calls for state capitalism

Ireland’s new challenge