Generosity test

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The highlight of this week’s contributions to our fighting fund was the new standing order from comrade GB for an excellent £85. He previously made very generous and frequent payments, but, responding to our request, he has made this a regular monthly donation. Brilliant!

Just behind him on £75 was comrade MM, while the fantastic monthly SO of no less than £170 was received from KB. Showing that they could also pass the generosity test, PB (£60) and TR (£40) chipped in with their usual monthly bank transfers, while US comrade PM (£50) did so via PayPal. Other standing orders came from SS (£15) and TL (£7), and finally comrade Hassan handed over his usual weekly fiver.

All that came to £507, taking our running total for May up to £1,484. The target we need is £2,250, which means there are now less than two weeks left to get the remaining £766. That’s a very strong probability, but all my time in charge of the fighting fund leaves me feeling I mustn’t take anything for granted! I’ve experienced a lot of disappointment as well as satisfaction, so please make it more of the latter this time!

Post us a cheque, click on our PayPal button or make a bank transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’ (account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64). Please make sure we get the funding we need by May 31.

Robbie Rix