SWP calls for state capitalism

THE SOCIALIST Workers Party has thrown its weight behind the campaign to save clause four, calling for its supporters to press for the passing of a motion against changes to the clause in their union organisations.

The recommended motion condemns the “market economy” and demands “public ownership and control”. It may win support. After all a study among Conservative Party members published last year found that 43% were in favour of “public ownership” for the gas industry and 39% for water.

It is surprising that the SWP does not seem to realise that the phrase is used to mean ‘ownership by the capitalist state’ - state capitalism - and has nothing to do with advancing to socialism.

For that the present system has to be overthrown. “The working class needs an entirely different kind of state - a workers’ state based upon councils of workers’ delegates and a workers’ militia.”

Now where have I read that one before? See Socialist Worker’s ‘Where we stand’ column to find the answer.

Alan Fox