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Parvus: for German victory

11 Sep 2014

New translations shed light on the thinking of socialists who ended up supporting 'their' side in WWI. Mike Macnair introduces a second Parvus article

Ukraine: No siding with nationalists

11 Sep 2014

Eddie Ford argues that working class political independence cannot be built by backing the pawns of imperialism

The price of nationalism

04 Sep 2014

Mike Macnair reviews the cynical geopolitical manoeuvres of the rival power blocs

The origins, politics and economics of the Islamic State

04 Sep 2014

As imperialism once again changes its allies, the left needs to stick to its principles, says Yassamine Mather

Dynamic towards full-scale confrontation

14 Aug 2014

Kiev’s besieging of cities in eastern Ukraine has ominous parallels, says Eddie Ford

Parvus’s ‘Fourth of August’

14 Aug 2014

Sections of the left also adopted a German-defencist position during 1914-18

Imperialism: Judge it by results

07 Aug 2014

Despite the cover provided by various social-imperialists, British and French intervention has produced hell on earth, argues Eddie Ford

Cold facts and conspiracy theories

24 Jul 2014

Yassamine Mather examines the most likely explanation for the tragedy in eastern Ukraine

AWL: Apologists without logic

03 Jul 2014

Arthur Bough examines the AWL’s failure to oppose imperialist intervention

Kollontai: Leaving behind Menshevik pacifism

03 Jul 2014

She may have been best known for her work on the women question, writes Anne McShane, but Alexandra Kollontai was at the heart of the revolutionary fight against the imperialist war

Throwing babies out with the bathwater

17 Apr 2014

Are those who refer to the USSR as state-capitalist just ‘taking moral distance’ from Stalinism? Ian Donovan responds to Mike Macnair

Crimea: Danger of wider conflict

06 Mar 2014

Vladimir Putin is unlikely to back down over Crimea, writes Eddie Ford

HOPI: Grappling with the new situation

30 Jan 2014

How to meet the challenge presented by the US-Iran deal? Peter Manson reports on Hopi’s day school

WW I: Necessary and sufficient condition

16 Jan 2014

We need look no further than imperialism to establish the underlying cause of the carnage. Chris Gray completes his examination of 1914-18

The shame of imperialism

09 Jan 2014

As shown by Michael Gove’s stupid remarks, the bourgeoisie cannot admit its responsibility for the carnage of 1914-18. In this two-part article Chris Gray examines the origins of the ‘war to end all wars’