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Our duty to Iran's working class

Conniving with the Tories

21 Jul 2016

The vote to renew Trident demonstrated that the Labour right will stop at nothing in their desire to be rid of Jeremy Corbyn, writes Peter Manson

Legacy of Bush and Blair

21 Jul 2016

Yassamine Mather comments on the Nice massacre

Not a whitewash

14 Jul 2016

Yassamine Mather examines the Chilcot report and looks at a possible response

War criminals all

30 Jun 2016

The Labour right is guilty of much more than plotting against Jeremy Corbyn, writes Yassamine Mather

Legacy of the 2003 war

02 Jun 2016

We all know who is responsible for Fallujah, writes Yassamine Mather

Letting Blair off the hook

02 Jun 2016

Eddie Ford is not holding out any hopes for the Chilcot report

Better bad unity than bad disunity

28 Apr 2016

Jack Conrad examines the German question in light of the perspectives of the Marx-Engels team

Waiting for Corbyn

03 Mar 2016

Tens of thousands rallied to Saturday’s anti-Trident demonstration. Peter Manson reports

Weapons of genocidal destruction

25 Feb 2016

Nuclear weapons pose the threat of a devastating accident waiting to happen, warns Yassamine Mather

Abyssinia and the myth of appeasement

14 Jan 2016

Eighty years ago, fascist Italy invaded Abyssinia. Mike Belbin argues that this event is the key to understanding the international politics of the 1930s and after

Deselect the Labour warmongers

03 Dec 2015

Labour is now divided into two parties. One is led by Jeremy Corbyn, the other by Hilary Benn, argues Yassamine Mather

Imperialism digs a deep hole

19 Nov 2015

The assassination of ‘Jihadi John’ was a substitute for serious warfare, argues Eddie Ford

War and peace

10 Sep 2015

Yassamine Mather looks at the contradictions in Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy

Reabsorbing solidarity

18 Dec 2014

The 1914 Christmas truce has been thoroughly sanitised by the establishment, argues Paul Demarty

A war that nobody wants to mention

30 Oct 2014

No-one in Turkey wants to celebrate what happened in 1914-18, writes Esen Uslu. But when it comes to the glory days of the Ottoman empire things are different

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