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A weapon for the movement

10 May 2012

Comrades in London are beginning their collective study of Marx's Capital. Jack Conrad introduces what is still an unequalled work

Political economy of chaos

10 Apr 2014

On the eve of the Critique conference Hillel Ticktin points to questions that need to be tackled

Economic crisis: Only our class can force change

19 Dec 2013

After exploring the possibilities of capitalism ending the depression, Hillel Ticktin stresses the necessity of working class organisation

Austerity: His side is winning the class struggle

05 Dec 2013

Hillel Ticktin examines the balance of forces and the quandary of the ruling class

Capital’s labour of Sisyphus

28 Nov 2013

What next after the failure of plan A? There is little prospect of real growth, argues Hillel Ticktin

Tea Party: An enraged Frankenstein's monster

24 Oct 2013

The Tea Party seemed to come from nowhere. But nowadays it is turning on its big business patrons and threatening the interests of capitalism itself, writes Jim Creegan

Global economy: Too big not to fail

05 Sep 2013

The very size of the global economy produces a tendency to crisis, argues Moshé Machover1

Capitalism: Declining forms, failing system

08 Aug 2013

What does austerity tell us about capitalism itself? Hillel Ticktin discusses three key features

Eurozone: Road to nowhere

01 Aug 2013

Why does the European bourgeoisie insist on austerity despite the virtual certainty that it cannot succeed? Hillel Ticktin digs beneath the official claims

World economy: Unforseen consequences

04 Jul 2013

The market has failed and cannot but fail. Yet there are small intimations of fundamental change, argues Critique editor Hillel Ticktin

From finance capital to austerity muddle

13 Jun 2013

While economic growth is proving elusive, there are clear signs of stagnation and disintegration, argues Critique editor Hillel Ticktin

Review: Method and the dialectic

30 May 2013

Mike Macnair completes his review of: Guglielmo Carchedi, 'Behind the crisis: Marx’s dialectics of value and knowledge'. Haymarket Books, 2012, pp303, £20

What drives capital’s global crises?

23 May 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: Guglielmo Carchedi, 'Behind the crisis: Marx’s dialectics of value and knowledge', Haymarket Books, 2012, pp303, £20

Reinhart and Rogoff: Austerity myth debunked

25 Apr 2013

The UK has been downgraded again and total national debt has risen. Even by George Osborne’s own criteria, writes Eddie Ford, Plan A has been an abject failure

UK downgrade: No alternative to stagnation

28 Feb 2013

Britain’s credit rating may have been downgraded, writes Eddie Ford, but in reality that was more a judgement on the state of the world economy

Austerity: The madness of a dying system

29 Nov 2012

The ruling class has no alternative to austerity and the drive to create a pristine capitalism. Not only is that impossible, but, as shown by South Africa, the working class is beginning to revolt. This is an edited version a speech by Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, on November 17

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