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A weapon for the movement

10 May 2012

Comrades in London are beginning their collective study of Marx's Capital. Jack Conrad introduces what is still an unequalled work

Going nowhere fast

11 Feb 2016

The present period is one of transition, argues Hillel Ticktin. But how can we escape from the current impasse?

Stay as money, face death as capital

21 Jan 2016

How can capital extricate itself from crisis? Hillel Ticktin argues that it has no solution

Profitability and the dynamics of capitalism

26 Nov 2015

The faster the rise in productivity, concludes Nick Rogers, the more likely it is that the rate of profit will fall

‘Revolutions in value’ and capitalist crisis

19 Nov 2015

Despite the various criticisms, Marx’s analysis of profitability was basically sound, argues Nick Rogers

Devotees of a dead Scotsman

21 May 2015

Was Adam Smith the champion of ‘free market and classical liberal views’? Chis Gray thinks not

The lucky generation and the historic limits of capital

12 Mar 2015

Optimism amongst mainstream economists is clearly misplaced, argues Michael Roberts

The spectre of deflation

22 Jan 2015

Will falling prices help stimulate the economy? Michael Roberts argues that, on the contrary, profits will be squeezed

‘March of history’ and the question of agency

13 Nov 2014

Immanuel Wallerstein, Randall Collins, Michael Mann, Georgi Derluguian, Craig Calhoun Does capitalism have a future? Oxford University Press, 2013, pp192, £14.99

The current long depression and its nature

02 Oct 2014

Economic slumps are usually preceded by a decline in profits, writes Michael Roberts. This article is based on a presentation made to the CPGB’s Communist University in August 2014

Profit debate: And yet it moves (down)

14 Aug 2014

Irrespective of the specific causes of the 2008-09 crisis, writes Esteban Ezequiel Maito, there is an undeniable tendency for the rate of profit to fall

Not in awe of 'experts'

17 Jul 2014

Bruce Wallace and Steve Dobbs may view him as a ‘bungling amateur’, but Arthur Bough insists that they are wrong about the falling rate of profit

Incomprehensible and erroneous

11 Jul 2014

Did the tendency for the rate of profit to fall cause the crisis of 2008-09? Bruce Wallace and Steve Dobbs reply to Arthur Bough

Rate of profit: False premises, false conclusions

19 Jun 2014

Did the tendency for the rate of profit to fall cause the crisis of 2008-09? On the contrary, says Arthur Bough, the annual rate of profit remained high

Unpicking Piketty

05 Jun 2014

Thomas Piketty Capital in the 21st century Harvard 2014, pp677, £29.95

Failed transition and crisis

22 May 2014

The international working class must reassert itself to prevent a descent into barbarism, writes Hillel Ticktin

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