Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

A nail in the Zionist coffin

17 Dec 2009

Tony Greenstein reviews Shlomo Sand's The invention of the Jewish people Verso, 2009, pp313, £18.99

Fighting over the corpse

17 Dec 2009

As the two wings of the regime continue to squabble, write Chris Strafford and Yassamine Mather, the opposition movement grows in radicalism and confidence

Common struggle required

17 Dec 2009

The year is coming to an end amid great uncertainty, reports Esen Uslu

Green and red solidarity

10 Dec 2009

Ben Lewis reports on the green movement protest outside the Iranian embassy in London and the positive reception Hopi received

Statement by Iran Khodro car workers

10 Dec 2009

Issued December 6, the day before the clashes

Entire regime is the target

10 Dec 2009

Opposition in Iran is no longer directed at supporting one section of the theocracy against the other. The days of the regime are numbered, say Yassamine Mather and Chris Strafford

Solidarity with workers key priority after June election

03 Dec 2009

Chris Strafford reports on the annual general meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran

Ahmadinejad’s possible role in savage beatings

03 Dec 2009

The Mail on Sunday (November 29) published a photograph purportedly showing Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the regime’s London consulate in April 1984. Comrades from the Fedayeen (Minority), who had forced their way into the building, were imprisoned and severely beaten by Iranian staff. Yassamine Mather was a member of the Fedayeen (Minority) at the time and spoke to the Weekly Worker about the incident

No way back for warmongers

03 Dec 2009

Mike Macnair addressed the Hopi AGM on the continued threat of war. US imperialism has a new face, but when it comes to foreign policy it is business as usual

Hopi: fight on two fronts

26 Nov 2009

Ben Lewis makes a call to truly champion the cause of the Iranian masses

Workers organise against regime

19 Nov 2009

More than 300 workers in the Abadan oil refinery gathered on Thursday November 12 to protest against non-payment of wages and bonuses, saying they had not been paid for more than three months. Yassamine Mather reports

Get the troops out now

12 Nov 2009

Eddie Ford examines why UK politics now questions troops being in Afghanistan

Regime’s most persistent opposition

12 Nov 2009

Ali Pichgah is a veteran of the Iranian oil strikes of 1979-81, when he was a representative of the Tehran refinery workers shora (council) on the National Shora of Oil Workers. He spoke to Yassamine Mather about the current situation in Iran

Workers gain new courage

12 Nov 2009

Iranian demonstrations have given a real boost to working class opponents of the regime, writes Yassamine Mather

Zionist collaborators with Nazism revealed

05 Nov 2009

Tony Greenstein reviews two books by Francis Nicosia: The Third Reich and the Palestine question London 1985, pp320, £25.50; and Zionism and anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany Cambridge 2008, pp344, £50

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