Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Soundtracks for the new American century

15 Feb 2007

Gordon Downie listened to BBC Radio's Three Composer of the week (John Adams), February 9

Black face for White House?

15 Feb 2007

'Official anti-racism' has provoked a dialogue over whether the US is ready for a black president. Martin Schreader examines the 'Obama phenomenon', which has caused such confusion among many on the left

Kosova needs genuine self-determination

08 Feb 2007

Eddie Ford analyses the recent elections in Serbia and the plans for "limited independence" for Kosova

Defend Iran's workers, not its rotten regime

08 Feb 2007

Over the last two weeks, although Iran is facing a major military attack, protests and demonstrations against harsh economic conditions have escalated within the country. Yassamine Mather reports

Against imperialist war, for Iran workers

18 Jan 2007

Yassamine Mather analyses the latest developments in Iran and takes a closer look at 'Campaign Iran'

Bush ups the ante

11 Jan 2007

Differences over Iraq have been sharply debated in Washington between 'neocons' and 'realists', writes Mike Macnair. On a micro-scale this is paralleled in Britain by a debate within the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

AWL 'realists' raise their heads above the parapet

11 Jan 2007

Divisions emerge within the AWL over troop withdrawal

Iran solidarity

04 Jan 2007

Yassamine Mather (Critique editorial group) explains why the campaign 'Hands off the People of Iran' has been set up. To get in touch with the campaign, email nowaroniran@yahoo.co.uk

Death of a nationalist

04 Jan 2007

Mike Macnair looks at the death of Saddam Hussein

Founding Statement

04 Jan 2007

Hands Off the People of Iran campaign

Holy diplomacy amid coup rumours

07 Dec 2006

The pope's visit has laid bare the deep divisions in Turkish society. Esen Uslu of the Communist Party of Turkey reports

Marxist position on war

07 Dec 2006

Mary Godwin reports on the December 2-3 CPGB school on 'War and Revolution'

Iraq opinion poll

09 Nov 2006

Dave Walters reports from San Francisco on the US mid-term elections

No choice for most

02 Nov 2006

November 7 sees the United States mid-term elections. David Walters reports from San Francisco

Iraq exit strategy

26 Oct 2006

Iraq shows the limits of US power and underlines the fact that it is in relative decline, says Jack Conrad

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