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The centrality of labour-power

15 Mar 2012

Moshé Machover begins his examination of the labour theory of value by looking at the preliminaries

Better dead than Fred

09 Feb 2012

The recent bout of hand-wringing over bankers' bonuses conforms to the general pattern of bourgeois hypocrisy, argues James Turley

Fear and positioning

24 Nov 2011

As the euro zone heads for possible disaster and 'economic Armageddon', writes Eddie Ford, both the US and UK governments have also admitted failure

Technocrats and bankers take over

17 Nov 2011

As the entire establishment falls in behind the new cabinet of bureaucrats, writes Toby Abse, Italian workers must prepare for the attacks that lie ahead

EU leaders have no answers

10 Nov 2011

As Greece and Italy edge closer to the brink, Eddie Ford looks at the latest developments

Big bazooka or water pistol?

20 Oct 2011

As the European leaders gather in Brussels on October 23, it could be last chance saloon for the euro zone, writes Eddie Ford

Death by a thousand cuts

13 Oct 2011

With the clock ticking on the euro zone and the UK in danger of slipping in another recession, there is still no sign of 'bold vision' or a 'comprehensive strategy' from the ruling class, argues Eddie Ford

Saving labour or capital?

06 Oct 2011

Does the rate of profit tend to fall? The traditional Marxist argument upon which this theoretical proposition is based is badly flawed, argues Moshe Machover

Beyond disunity

24 Mar 2011

In seeking to prop up their crisis-ridden system, the capitalist class is united around cuts, cuts and more cuts. If we are to fight back and win, our class must also unite, argues Ben Lewis

Not just a study aid

22 Apr 2010

Andrew Coates reviews David Harvey's 'A companion to Marx's Capital' Verso, 2010, pp320, £10.99

In another world

10 Dec 2009

Alistair Darling's pre-budget report includes a 'supertax' on bankers' bonuses. James Turley calls for more

Whatever happened to those green shoots?

05 Nov 2009

Once again, says James Turley, it has not been a good couple of weeks for Alastair Darling and Gordon Brown

Anglo-American solutions and imposing discipline

06 Aug 2009

Peter Manson spoke to Hillel Ticktin about the economic crisis

Triggers and real causes

13 Sep 2007

The reluctancy of the big five banks in the United Kingdom to lend money to each other shows how fragile the whole system of global finance capital really is, says Jim Moody

Debt crisis looms

02 Aug 2007

Last week a minor tremor shook the world of investments. Shares on the world's stock exchanges started to wobble and many fell markedly, causing some alarm in the financial sector. Jim Moody comments

Corruption and irrationality

19 Jul 2007

Jim Moody comments on the trial of Conrad Black, which highlights the enigma of 'capital without capitalists'

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