Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Reject sanctions and the mullahs

16 Mar 2006

Open letter to the anti-war movement from Workers Left Unity Iran

Women show the way

16 Mar 2006

Yassamine Mather reports from a march of Iranian women in exile

No to US aggression, no to Iranian regime

16 Mar 2006

The tasks of the anti-war movement are twofold, argues Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum

For a parliament with full powers

09 Mar 2006

The people of Wales must have the right to self-determination, argues Bob Davies, and calls for that right to be exercised in favour of unity within a federal republic of Wales, Scotland and England

Britain's drystone wall

02 Mar 2006

Can the British constitution be reformed? Not without mass political action by the working class, argues Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Allying with the nationalists

02 Mar 2006

Nick Rogers looks at the key issue before this weekend's SSP annual conference

Basra quagmire

23 Feb 2006

Yassamine Mather (Iran Bulletin Middle East Forum and Critique) calls for solidarity with the Basra oil workers

Hidden controversy

23 Feb 2006

Dave Landau, a representative of the Jewish Socialist Group, attended the Unite Against Fascism conference on February 18

Banning bad ideas

23 Feb 2006

David Irving's conviction for holocaust denial and three-year sentence in an Austrian prison is not good news for communists and democrats, say Tina Becker and Eddie Ford. It is in our own self-interest to oppose anti-free speech laws and proscriptions, as sooner or later they will be used against us

Oppose all blasphemy laws

16 Feb 2006

Communists fight for the complete separation of church and state, says Eddie Ford

SWP and freedom of speech

16 Feb 2006

Michelle Euston reports on the Socialist Workers Party's rally 'Socialists and the Movement' in London, while Ted North attended the event in Sheffield

Islamophobia: no! Free speech: yes!

16 Feb 2006

Peter Manson analyses the furore over the Danish cartoon controversy

No to war, no to mullahs

09 Feb 2006

Yassamine Mather (Critique and Iran Bulletin Middle East Forum) comments on the situation in Iran

Marching towards self-organisation

09 Feb 2006

Emily Bransom reports on a new website set up by disgruntled soldiers

Democracy in the dock

09 Feb 2006

Fight the BNP but defend freedom of speech too - Eddie Ford comments

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