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CGSD makes its mark

Scotland’s referendum

A vision beyond capitalism

As the Liverpool dockers prepared for an international day of action on Monday January 20, Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Jimmy Nolan, chair of the Liverpool Dockers Shops Stewards’ Committee and Socialist Labour Party member, about the need for working class political organisation

Winning our comrades

SLP youth get organised

Party to be won for revolution

The Socialist Labour Party founding conference marked a bold move away from the Labour Party and towards the independent working class organisation we need. So what sort of party is the SLP?

SLP moves to break Labour stranglehold

Gordon Brown has unambiguously announced Labour’s intention to continue the Tories’ attack on workers with a promised squeeze on public spending. Yet after the local elections Blair’s Labour Party looks set to win a huge anti-Tory vote, taking it to victory in the next general election. Can the Socialist Labour Party turn the tide on the Labour-Tory rightwing consensus?

SLP clique ignores members

International support there to be won

The seven-month Liverpool dockers’ dispute has gained strength from international solidarity action. This week they are awaiting news from workers in the US, who are putting pressure on ACL, the biggest company that uses the port, to pull out. This would be a major breakthrough for the dockers. Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Terry Teague, one of the dockers’ shop stewards, about how this international solidarity can be built on and generalised for the workers’ movement as a whole

The struggle for socialism: Reform or revolution?

Lee-Anne Bates reports on discussions developing within the Socialist Labour Party

Debating the SLP

Clean break with Labour

Phil Felstead is one of the ex-miners in Hemsworth who worked throughout the SLP campaign. He worked at South Kirkby colliery until it closed in 1988 and was then forced into redundancy as a result of his militant record. Lee-Anne Bates spoke to him about the SLP

Hemsworth - talking to the activists

SLP campaigners spoke to Lee-Anne Bates

Genuine socialist alternative

Lee-Anne Bates spoke to John Nicholson, ex-deputy leader of Manchester City Council, who set up the campaign to defend clause four with Arthur Scargill

Genie out of the bottle

Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Tommy Sheridan

Rapprochement paper

Historic opportunity demands widest possible debate

Debate continues after aggregate

CPGB aggregate meeting passes Perspectives for 1996

Left gives SLP initiative the cold shoulder

For the Party

A CPGB meeting to celebrate the Great October Revolution debated among different organisations and trends the tasks of the day and, centrally, the necessity to forge working class organisation as its weapon for liberation. Lee-Anne Bates reports

Communist rapprochement 75 years on

Reforging the CPGB is not an exclusive task but the job of all revolutionaries

Breaking barriers

As part of the CPGB’s process of rapprochement and discussions with other organisations, we have been talking with the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP). In this issue we present a joint open letter to the Socialist Workers Party, an historic move toward unity of two different traditions. Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Dave Craig, editor of the RDG’s bulletin, Workers Republic

Our voice and organiser

Communist unity

Weapons of class war

On Sunday June 4 at a meeting in London the Communist Party’s 12th Summer Offensive - our annual fund-raising drive - was launched with a speech by John Bridge on Building the revolutionary alternative

Reforging the Party

Vote communist on April 6

Workers in Scotland go to the polls this week to elect the new ‘shadow’ councils. But it is clear that - Labour, SNP or Tory - the new councils will still be ‘cutting councils’. So use your vote positively - vote communist and join us in fighting back

Workers’ campaign in Scotland

Communist candidates say ‘no cuts, no closures’

Class fighters!

On April 6 in Scotland SNP, Labour and Tory will be vying for working class votes in the ‘shadow’ council elections. But none of them are offering anything for workers in Scotland. There is an alternative - Vote Communist and join the fightback

Russian leftists desert Chechens

The Chechen war needs revolutionary answers not hand-wringing liberalism

Making the leap

Lee-Anne Bates spoke to Steve David, a new Communist Party supporter from East London who saw the need to go beyond trade union politics after being active as a signal technician during the recent signal workers’ dispute

A very professionally bungled burglary

Back to the Party

UWC welcomes new president