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Words as weapons

CPGB members discussed the Middle East, the IHRA, and possible amendments to our Draft programme. Daniel Harvey reports

Online success

Despite the lockdown, reports Daniel Harvey, Communist University featured fascinating debates and a vigorous exchange of views

Backward Momentum

Jon Lansman’s organisation is trying to reinvent itself. But, looking at the contending factions, Daniel Harvey is convinced that the whole project is bankrupt

Environmental crisis is real

We cannot prevent climate disaster by denying the existence of the problem, argues Daniel Harvey

Strange battle lines

David Sherrief says that the Tories are acting against the interests of big capital. Expect compromises and gruelling late-night sittings

Platitudes and priorities

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on the October 29 LRC conference

Combating the right on two fronts

Daniel Harvey reports on the main line of the arguments

Austerity in the colours of Syriza

Alexis Tsipras has escaped punishment at the ballot box, says Daniel Harvey, but the Greek election is a bad result for the left

Surviving the press onslaught

The new Labour leader is in for a rough ride, but he must learn to fight, says Daniel Harvey

New generation of debate

Last week Left Unity’s youth caucus has held its first day school. Daniel Harvey reports

No left turn

Those who think the surrender of Alexis Tsipras will push Syriza further to the left are deluding themselves, says Daniel Harvey

Syriza and the left

We need a real working class strategy, says Daniel Harvey

Incorporation and commercialisation

The annual Pride march was symptomatic of a divided LGBT movement, reports Daniel Harvey

Leadership challenge represents opportunity

The CPGB has reaffirmed its position on Labour and Left Unity, reports Daniel Harvey, and set itself an ambitious fundraising target

Standing in London’s elections

Left Unity has been discussing and voting on its approach to the 2016 GLA and mayoral contests. Daniel Harvey reports

Islamism, Israel and imperialism

Why is the Middle East in turmoil? Daniel Harvey reports on the day school organised by Hands Off the People of Iran

No strategy towards Labour

What is the left saying about the general election? Daniel Harvey has been investigating

Framing our electoral tactics

The March 15 CPGB members’ aggregate debated the forthcoming general election and Left Unity’s internal elections. Daniel Harvey reports

Meaningless noise

Workers Power has made a strange new ally. Daniel Harvey reports

Planning our interventions

The CPGB had its first AGM, Daniel Harvey reports

Being the extreme left in Left Unity

CPGB members debated our work in Left Unity at its latest aggregate meeting. Daniel Harvey reports

Where left populism leads

Those who have had such high hopes in Podemos will surely see them dashed, says Daniel Harvey

Organisation, consciousness and knack of falling apart

Simon Hardy A strategy for Left Unity: lessons from the European left International Socialist Network, 2014, pp34

Doing a Scottish jig

Alan Woods has performed a 180 degree about-turn. Daniel Harvey comments

Relating to the left as it is

The Communist Platform met on November 2 to prepare for the Left Unity conference in two weeks time. Daniel Harvey reports

Tories on the back foot

Daniel Harvey looks at the fallout from Douglas Carswell’s defection

ISN: Not waving, but dying

All the hype has come to nought, says Daniel Harvey

Enough bluster and bullshit

Last week saw a major strike of public-sector workers. Daniel Harvey looks at the aftermath

Trying to earn a bit of popularity

What is the role of Unite Against Fascism now that the SWP is prioritising Stand Up to Ukip? Daniel Harvey investigates

Against bad things

Richard Seymour Against austerity: How we can fix the crisis they made? Pluto Press, 2014, pp198, £11.50

Don’t trust Maduro

There is a danger that the Chávista regime will arrive at a compromise with the right, warns Daniel Harvey

Venezuela: Right wing smells blood

What is happening to the Bolivarian revolution? Daniel Harvey calls for working class independence

Left Unity: Solid basis for intervention

Daniel Harvey reports on last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting

TUSC: Looking over its shoulder

Daniel Harvey reports on Tusc’s local election conference

UAF demands state ban

The leader of a Hungarian far-right party was allowed to visit London - despite protests. Daniel Harvey reports

Shipwreck of dreams

Daniel Harvey looks at the lessons of the Socialist Alliance for today

Time to take principles seriously

The Socialist Platform’s claim to the mantle of principled politics is entirely bogus, says Daniel Harvey

Isaac Asimov: Mantle of optimism

Fifty years ago, Isaac Asimov is said to have successfully envisioned how things would be today. Daniel Harvey exam ines the claims

IS Network: Unity in the spring?

IS Network is in trouble again. Daniel Harvey looks at the regroupment efforts by the marsh

Occupy: Caught in the headlights

Daniel Harvey reviews: Mark Bray, 'Translating anarchy: the anarchism of Occupy Wall Street'. Zero Books, 2013, pp342, £15.99

Swamp things get together

Daniel Harvey examines the politics underlying recent regroupment efforts

IS Network: Battling with a rotten legacy

Daniel Harvey looks at developments in the political regroupment project centred on the International Socialist Network following its weekend conference