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Unison witch hunt

What kind of unity?

Reclaim Our Rights

Ballots and the Balkans

Debating the war - and readying for the Euro elections

Strange bedfellows

SWP pacifists and CPB defencists

New vision

Left organisations in Hackney came together under the banner of Socialist Unity to fight a by-election in Hackney’s North Defoe on January 21. The candidate, Anne Murphy of the Communist Party, gives us her thoughts on the campaign

Constructive talks

Socialist Alliances prepare for March conference

Vote Socialist Unity

Left organisations in the North Defoe ward in Hackney have united under the banner of Socialist Unity in a by-election battle. Voting is on January 21. As well as individual revolutionaries, this bloc comprises the Hackney branches of the Socialist Labour Party, Communist Party of Great Britain, the Socialist Alliance, the Socialist Workers Party and Turkish and Kurdish organisations. The unity candidate is Anne Murphy of the Communist Party and Hackney SA, who gives us this report

For inclusive democracy

Socialist Alliances

The fantasy world of Dave Craig

Scottish Socialist Alliance

SWP in practice

Alliances enter new phase

Unique opportunity

London Socialist Alliance

Threat to London Socialist Alliance

SSA plunges into nationalism

LSA controversy

Strengthening the cause

Party notes

English Alliance moves at last

Socialist Alliances - all-Britain unity vital

London Socialist Alliance launch

Uniting London’s left

Creating space for communist politics

Anne Murphy discusses the work of the CPGB in Scotland and reviews the debate at last week’s Communist Party aggregate

Self-determination for Scotland now!

Only the Campaign for Genuine Self-Determination has voiced the national aspirations of the Scottish people

Programme for women’s liberation

Unity against oppression

Around the left: Waving the saltire

National question - a key debate

Edinburgh Scottish Socialist Alliance and Red magazine organised a successful day school on Sunday June 1 on the national question in Scotland and Ireland

Dishonest silence

Sellout to Labour

From sop parliament to republic?

Anne Murphy interviewed Sean Clerkin, Scottish Socialist Alliance candidate in Paisley South about the campaign against the cuts there and his views on the national question

No to Labour’s sop! Self-determination, nothing less!

Join the Committee for Self-Determination

Another lost opportunity

Revolutionary solution to domestic violence

Anne Murphy replies to two recent articles

‘If you want to see the building of bridges don’t occupy the bridge yourself’

Anne Murphy spoke to Dave Nellist, a leading Militant Labour member, about his attitude to regroupment and the Socialist Alliances

Alliances miss opportunity

Coventry meeting produces ‘do-nothing’ day

Fisc embraces social democracy

Charter for socialist change

Brent Unison’s struggle

Labour movement in crisis

“Getting the ear of the class”

Anne Murphy spoke to Wally Kennedy, Militant Labour councillor in Hillingdon which has recently gained another ML councillor, Julia Leonard

Brent left opening up

Ireland says ‘yes’ to divorce

Debating the IS tradition

Islington walkout

Revolutionary greetings