London Socialist Alliance launch

Tonight (Thursday February 5) sees the launch of the All London Socialist Alliance in Conway Hall, central London. This exciting new initiative has the support of Hugh Kerr MEP, recently expelled from the Labour Party for criticism of Blair. His political organiser, Pete Brown, will attend to speak on the expelled MEP’s plans for involvement in the alliances. Michael Hindley MEP will travel from Strasbourg to speak.

Blair has produced a crisis within the left of the Labour Party. Many can no longer stomach the anti-working class, anti-single parent, anti-unemployed, anti-democratic policies of the new government. The Socialist Alliances - especially if they are organised on an all-Britain basis - can provide a vital pole of attraction for those looking for an alternative. With the support of rebel MEPs they have already begun to do so. But we need to start building now so as to inspire others and build a real mass movement. We must make plans for the London local elections on May 7. Various socialist alliances have already been launched or re-launched in recent weeks.

Socialist Party councillor Julia Leonard will also speak tonight, as will representatives from the Hillingdon strikers and the Liverpool dockers. It is important that the lessons of both these strikes are taken on board.

We in Brent Socialist Alliance want to involve a broad swathe of leftwing forces in this initiative. We want it to be as inclusive as possible. Its main focus at the moment is on building an anti-Blair coalition that begins to act now, while not excluding those who are not yet ready to make the break.

Sinking local roots is vitally important, but it should not be seen as separate to the task of building and coordinating across London, and indeed nationally. The more effective a national profile we create, the more local people will learn about our existence and the more new forces will be attracted to our banner.

We need a political forum that can bring the left and other forces together to discuss the important political issues of the day. Through debate and united action we can further the necessary fight for a mass revolutionary working class party.

Anne Murphy