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No way back for warmongers

Snowden and the state: David and Goliath in high tech

11 Jul 2013

People like Edward Snowden may normally function as software in a hard drive, writes Jim Creegan, but for the state they have one drawback: they can think

Militarisation of cyberspace gathers speed

13 Jun 2013

Tensions between China and the US over cyber-security are a reminder of the hidden dangers of the information age, writes Paul Demarty

'Anti-imperialist united front': No inherent connection with the working class

21 Mar 2013

Ten years after the height of the mobilisation against the Iraq war, Mike Macnair calls for an end to the politics of the ‘anti-imperialist united front’

Zionism review: How Zionist McCarthyism devours its own

20 Dec 2012

Tony Greenstein reviews: Antony Lerman -'The making and unmaking of a Zionist: a personal and political journey', Pluto Press, 2012, pp240, £20

Iran tribunal: What a legalistic shambles

20 Dec 2012

The ‘resolutions’ of the Iran Tribunal have proved Hopi right, argues Yassamine Mather

Donny Gluckstein review: The people against fascism?

13 Dec 2012

David Broder reviews: Donny Gluckstein, 'A people’s history of the Second World War: resistance versus empire', Pluto Press, 2012, pp288, £17.50

Iran tribunal: In the firing line

15 Nov 2012

When is a political tribunal ‘non-political’? Hands Off the People of Iran national secretary Mark Fischer responds to the latest salvo of pro-imperialist apologetics

Anti-Germans: Not part of the left

04 Oct 2012

The ‘anti-Germans’ should have no place in working class organisations, argues Maciej Zurowski

Imperialism, capitalism and war

02 Aug 2012

Mike Macnair examines the paradox of the rational irrationalism of US foreign policy

No way back for warmongers

03 Dec 2009

Mike Macnair addressed the Hopi AGM on the continued threat of war. US imperialism has a new face, but when it comes to foreign policy it is business as usual

Icon of imperialism

06 Sep 2007

Latief Parker, former militant of the Unity Movement (South Africa) and a member of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, looks at the reality behind the new Nelson Mandela statue

Contradictions exposed

14 Sep 2006

Simon Wells reviews John Rees' Imperialism and resistance, Routledge 2006, pp265, £14.99

Which way forward?

17 Mar 2005

Imperialism versus internationalism

12 Aug 2004

In this concluding article, Mike Macnair argues that our most powerful enemy is the imperialist state. That is why communists are revolutionary defeatists

Imperialism lives on

05 Aug 2004

In the second of a short series of articles, Mike Macnair examines the role of the state in the global order and looks at alternatives to the 'imperialism of free trade' theory

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