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Another split, another sect

26 Apr 2012

The left must organise on the basis of genuine democratic centralism, argues Ben Lewis

Respect for all things nice

04 Dec 2003

Marcus Strom reports on the new Respect coalition's progress

Grand coalitions

27 Nov 2003

Party notes

Smoke and mirrors

27 Nov 2003

Discussions regarding the proposed ‘unity coalition’ dominated the meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive committee, held in London on November 22.

Rhetoric and hot air

20 Nov 2003

European Social Forum: Too much hot air

Multitude or working class?

20 Nov 2003

European Social Forum: ‘Multitude or working class?’, Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire, was a star attraction

European Social Forum: soundbites

20 Nov 2003

Only 100,000; Scots missed; Cassen castigated;

Stop the US-UK warmongers

20 Nov 2003

November 18 meeting in London: stop the war movement becomes a stop the occupation movement

Lutte Ouvrière stays away

20 Nov 2003

European Social Forum: Lutte Ouvrière’s boycott is very much to be regretted

Political horse-trading

20 Nov 2003

European Social Forum

Globalise Resistance and the politics of manipulation

12 Nov 2003

Ian Donovan looks at this strange front of the Socialist Workers Party

Holding the line

06 Nov 2003

Marcus Ström reports about the formation of a democracy platform in the Socialist Alliance

In the full glare of secrecy

06 Nov 2003

Amidst little fanfare and some secrecy, Welsh assembly member John Marek will formally launch a new party in Wrexham on Saturday November 8. Cameron Richards reports

At the crossroads

30 Oct 2003

Sooner or later the Socialist Workers Party faces a choice between strategically counterposed perspectives which have developed within the ranks of its leadership, argues Mike Macnair

Socialist Alliance: Manning quits

30 Oct 2003

Comrade Margaret Manning resigned from the EC on October 6 - and has attempted to keep this matter a 'private concern'. Martin Blum thinks not

Control-freakery provokes 'rival' bid

23 Oct 2003

Tina Becker has the latest news from the European Social Forum

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