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Another split, another sect

26 Apr 2012

The left must organise on the basis of genuine democratic centralism, argues Ben Lewis

What the French left says

10 Nov 2005

Parti Communiste Français

Vote for class independence

28 Apr 2005

Mike Macnair revisits the question of the popular front

Bureaucratic fist tightens

05 Feb 2004

Tina Becker reports that the ESF is in great danger of being totally taken over by Ken Livingstone - with the full support of his little helpers in the Socialist Workers Party

Galloway's nationalist gaffe

22 Jan 2004

Cameron Richards reports on the Cardiff meeting of the unity coalition

Bureaucratic grip tightens

22 Jan 2004

The London Mayor is in control of preparations for the European Social Forum. Tina Becker reports

Party and paper split

22 Jan 2004

Blairism and the delabourisation of Labour threw much of the revolutionary left into crisis, the CPB is only now belatedly following, writes Alan Rees

Left facing both ways

22 Jan 2004

The Socialist Alliance council voted overwhelmingly to engage with the RESPECT unity coalition, reports Peter Manson

Turn unity coalition into republican movement

15 Jan 2004

The best the Respect declaration can provide is that rather vague and woolly call for "a world in which the democratic demands of the people are carried out". That is why we say R is for republicanism. Let the working class find out if it is, says Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Charting the way forward

18 Dec 2003

European Social Forum: Discussion around the programme for the next ESF showed that important lessons had been learnt from the previous two events.

Fraught beginnings

18 Dec 2003

European Social Forum: After a heated debate, it was finally agreed that our first UK ESF assembly on January 24 would decide on the issue, a short text to which affiliates could sign up, and the composition and function of the working group.

R for republicanism

11 Dec 2003

Dave Craig urges respect for republicanism

Socialist Party gains second Lewisham councillor

11 Dec 2003

Peter Manson reports on the election of Chris Flood

ESF - learn from mistakes

11 Dec 2003

Tina Becker reports the latest from the European Social Forum

Put socialism at core of coalition

11 Dec 2003

Nick Wrack, chair of the Socialist Alliance, has issued a statement welcoming the Respect coalition's draft declaration of principles and announcement that it is to contest the European and Greater London Authority elections in June 2004

On the crest of a wave

04 Dec 2003

Mark Fischer discusses with George Galloway his attitude to the Labour Party, the prospects for the new Respect coalition and the importance of democracy

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