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Iran's workers need support

07 Sep 2006

Iran's president Ahmadinejad is a defender of neoliberalism, says Yassamine Mather

Don't desert them

27 Jul 2006

'No to war, no to repression' is an open letter by Iranian student leaders in opposition to both imperialist aggression and the oppression of the islamic regime. Two were recently arrested. Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum introduces it with a discussion of its background and the solidarity tasks of the left

No to war, no to repression

27 Jul 2006

SWP apologetics for reactionary anti-imperialism

20 Jul 2006

Eddie Ford comments on Socialist Worker's recent coverage of the unfolding situation in Somalia

Iranian left protests against apologetics

13 Jul 2006

Like the Socialist Workers Party, Monthly Review in the United States has toned down its opposition to the Iranian regime. Iranian socialists have issued this open letter in protest at its coverage of the June 12 women's demonstration in Tehran

Obscene apologia

15 Jun 2006

Anybody expecting a debate at the annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition was to be disappointed, writes Anne Mc Shane. The last thing the leadership wants is a challenge to their 'Don't criticise Iran' line

Against war, for democracy

15 Jun 2006

Comrade Jamshid from the Committee to Defend the Iranian People's Rights spoke to Anne Mc Shane about his organisation and the role of the anti-war movement

Don't mention the regime

15 Jun 2006

The June 12 'open organising meeting' of Action Iran quickly focused on one question - should it take up a position on the nature of the Iranian regime or simply remain a 'single-issue campaign'? Tina Becker reports

Fight on two fronts

08 Jun 2006

On the eve of the Stop the War Coalition annual conference on June 10, Mark Fischer spoke to Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum about the tasks of the anti-war movement in this country. Does our opposition to imperialist threats against Iran mean we must suspend criticism of the monstrous theocratic regime that oppresses the country?

Against war, for workers' rights

04 May 2006

Yassamine Mather reports on Iranian workers taking to the streets on May Day

Fighting on two fronts

30 Mar 2006

Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum addressed the March 26 London Communist Forum on the question, 'Will Iran be next? Should we align ourselves with the ayatollahs?' This is an edited version of his speech

Consistant democracy

30 Mar 2006

Mary Godwin reports on the debate at the London Communist Forum where comrade Mehdi Kia spoke

My enemy's enemy

23 Mar 2006

Alan Stevens reviews George Galloway's new pamphlet 'Target Iran' - and is not impressed by its one-sidedness

Reject sanctions and the mullahs

16 Mar 2006

Open letter to the anti-war movement from Workers Left Unity Iran

Women show the way

16 Mar 2006

Yassamine Mather reports from a march of Iranian women in exile