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A weapon for the movement

10 May 2012

Comrades in London are beginning their collective study of Marx's Capital. Jack Conrad introduces what is still an unequalled work

Contagion spreads to the core

21 Jul 2011

The escalating euro zone crisis and the possibility of the US defaulting on its deficit could trigger another global economic meltdown, writes Eddie Ford - and yet more attacks on the working class

Euro zone crisis spreads from periphery to core

14 Jul 2011

Toby Abse looks at the interplay between economics and politics after 'Black Friday'

An ethical revolution of the mind

02 Jun 2011

Esther of Democracia Real Ya spoke to the Weekly Worker

Striking together

02 Jun 2011

Ben Lewis looks forward to a bold show of mass opposition to austerity on June 30

Not our solution to their crisis

24 Mar 2011

The economic crisis is far from over. But does Keynesianism offer a way out? No, argues Jack Conrad. Keynesianism is thoroughly elitist, anti-working class and pro-capitalist

The leadership of 'events'

03 Mar 2011

Andrew Coates unravels Slavoj Žižek's 'communist hypothesis'

Enfield cross-section

27 Jan 2011

Last week Enfield Alliance Against the Cuts was founded. Robin Jackson is the campaign's secretary

Practical Hackney

27 Jan 2011

Bev James gives the latest from the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services

Hull anger

27 Jan 2011

Anti-cuts protestors brought Hull city council to a standstill. Bob Bright was there

Northampton long haul

27 Jan 2011

Hannah Phipps on the fight against cuts in Northampton

Not in capital's interest

13 Jan 2011

Knowing the price of every commodity without knowing the worth of life's essentials is the essence of capitalism, writes Jim Moody

Build on the momentum

02 Dec 2010

The November 27 Coalition of Resistance conference, despite obvious weaknesses, marked a good start in the struggle to stop the government's cuts onslaught. Peter Manson reports

Old loyalties under threat

02 Dec 2010

The fightback against the cuts continues to grow, but the left must build a viable alternative to the politics of nationalism. Anne Mc Shane reports in the aftermath of the latest mass demonstration in Dublin

Arming the resistance

02 Dec 2010

What lies behind the ruling class cuts offensive and what strategy do we need to defeat it? This is an edited version of the speech given by Mike Macnair to the November 28 CPGB aggregate

No to nationalist response

25 Nov 2010

There is no solution to the Irish crisis within its own borders. Anne Mc Shane calls for internationalism and solidarity

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