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Bleak prospects for democracy

17 Mar 2016

The latest atrocity once more draws attention to the fact that Turkey is at war, writes Esen Uslu

Left wing of Zionism

10 Mar 2016

Recent smears of ‘anti-Semitism’ against the left are an echo of similar allegations emanating from within the left, argues Paul Demarty

Iran’s Elections : Winners and Losers

03 Mar 2016

Yassamine Mather analyses the results of elections to the majles and Council of Experts

One shameful U-turn after another

13 Aug 2015

In the name of the ‘next stage of the revolution’, reports Yassamine Mather, the SWP and its co-thinkers are once again backing the Muslim Brotherhood

Act to stop Iran massacre

23 Sep 1999

Thunder in a cloudy sky

29 Jul 1999

Mehdi Kia looks at the Iranian students’ revolt

Free Kurdistan!

25 Feb 1999

Communists murdered

14 May 1998

PCC solidarity

Turkish state attacks freedom of the press

09 Oct 1997

Emek is a Turkish daily newspaper, which has been under constant attack from the Turkish state since it began publishing. Here the London office of Emek reports on the latest round of brutal repression

Living dead

23 Jan 1997

Hunger strike in Turkey

13 Jun 1996

Turkish powder keg

07 May 1996

Why so shy?

02 May 1996

Thousands of revolutionary workers from Turkey and Kurdistan took to the streets for the London May Day march

Komünist Birlik için!

25 Apr 1996

This article is a Turkish translation of the front page article. On International Workers’ Day we call on all revolutionaries in the UK to unite in the struggle for Party

Iran in revolution

25 Apr 1996

Arman Arani of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran on revolution and counterrevolution

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