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Confessions of a rat

01 Jun 2023

Yassamine Mather gives her judgement on an extraordinary talk and subsequent BBC interview with the former governor of the notorious Evin prison

From order to chaos

23 Mar 2023

Why has so much of the left collapsed into social-imperialism? Why the continued illusions in US intervention? Mike Macnair talked to Hands off the People of Iran in a meeting hosted by Yassamine Mather

Voice of the revolution

16 Mar 2023

This appeal drawn up by comrades in Iran, calling for clear politics, organisation and solidarity, has attracted widespread support

Whose constituent assembly?

09 Feb 2023

As the stalemate between the Islamic Republic and the mass opposition movement continues, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, one of the leaders of the 2009 Green movement, has called for a constituent assembly. Yassamine Mather has translated this excerpt from an article by Torab Saleth which deals with the constituent assembly from a leftwing point of view

Oil workers join protests

26 Jan 2023

All manner of tiny cracks are opening up at the top levels of the theocracy. Yassamine Mather looks behind the often arcane disputes

The future is being made today

19 Jan 2023

Veteran Iranian socialist Ardeshir Mehrdad calls for class politics and the mobilisation of the lower depths of society

Protests and the bigger picture

19 Jan 2023

Dangers of war are increasing and the masses refuse to be intimidated, but the left is mired in confusion. On January 9 Hands Off the People of Iran hosted an online meeting addressed by Moshé Machover and Mike Macnair. Yassamine Mather opened with these remarks

The struggle continues

05 Jan 2023

Executions and long prison sentences have failed to intimidate the spontaneous protest movement. But conscious leadership by a revolutionary party is indispensable, argues Yassamine Mather

Workers’ mass protests

01 Dec 2022

Yassamine Mather reports on strikes and protests in Iran

Victories and weak points

01 Dec 2022

Veteran Iranian socialist Shahab Borhan warns of the dangers of relying on spontaneity. The movement needs leadership, organisation and clear politics - article translated from Farsi by Yassamine Mather

Ending the dynamic stalemate?

24 Nov 2022

Militarily the war is unwinnable, so politics are vital. Esen Uslu calls for Öcalan’s line to be continued

Rebuild on solid foundations

17 Nov 2022

Yassamine Mather celebrates the continuing mass protests, recognises their limitations, laments the parlous state of the left and urges unity around the basic principles upheld by Hopi

Tragedy second time too

03 Nov 2022

Yassamine Mather celebrates the current wave of mass protests, the youth, the bravery. However, lack of serious organisation, coordination and a strategic plan is a real problem that must be addressed

Something has to give

20 Oct 2022

Mahsa Amini’s killing at the hands of the morality police sparked protests in every province. The young, in particular female students and school students, refuse to be ruled in the old way. However, the Islamic regime seems determined to keep on using mass repression, fear and the cloak of religion, says Yassamine Mather

Ideologue of the revolution

28 Jul 2022

He drew on secular thinkers such as Frantz Fanon, Jean-Paul Sartre and Karl Marx, Catholic liberation theology and the symbolism and language of Shi’ite Islam. Lydia Apolinar explores the ideas and influence of Ali Shariati

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