Imperialism & War

Grounds for optimism

03 Feb 2011

Israeli socialist Moshé Machover talks to Mark Fischer about the implications of the uprising in Egypt for the whole region

Advances in Ireland

22 Nov 2007

Hands Off the People of Iran in Ireland held a successful teach-in on November 10 in Dublin. Anne Mc Shane reports

Launch conference

22 Nov 2007

Hopi's launch conference will have a unique feature - it will actually be a conference, not a rally.

HOPI - Meetings and events

08 Nov 2007

Musharraf's gamble

08 Nov 2007

State of emergency in Pakistan: the left needs flexible tactics, says Jim Moody

Ditch the strategic illusion

08 Nov 2007

Pro-Tehran apologetics in the Stop the War Coalition represents a kind of nostalgia for the 'anti-imperialist front', writes Mike Macnair

Not confused about Iran in Scotland

08 Nov 2007

Hands Off the People of Iran held a successful teach-in in Glasgow on November 3. Marcila Gharib reports

Lies cannot stop imperialists

08 Nov 2007

In her speech to the October 27 conference of the Stop the War Coalition, Somaye Zadeh of Campaign Iran tried to counter the imperialist lies about the Tehran regime with misinformation of her own. Yassamine Mather insists upon the truth

Why the witch-hunt?

01 Nov 2007

Cameron Richards examines why Hands Off the People of Iran and Communist Students have been made scapegoats

Filling a political gap

01 Nov 2007

Yassamine Mather of Hopi spoke to Mark Fischer after the Stop the War Coalition conference

'Don't confuse the poor workers'

01 Nov 2007

At the STWC conference, Campaign Iran played the role of blatant apologist for the Iranian regime. Tina Becker takes a closer look

Friends of Tehran

01 Nov 2007

The annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition upheld the decision to exclude Hands Off the People of Iran and Communist Students. Mohsen Sabbagh reports

In the footsteps of WRP?

01 Nov 2007

The pro-Iran apologetics at the Stop the War conference brought back unsavoury memories of Gerry Healy's 'Libyan gold'. James Turley examines the history

'Lie number five: Iran is undemocratic'

01 Nov 2007

Extracts from Somaye Zadeh's speech, moving the main motion on Iran on behalf of Campaign Iran

Lies and confusion

25 Oct 2007

After the exclusion of Hands Off the People of Iran campaign, along with Communist Students, from the Stop the War Coalition some quick-thinking members of the Socialist Workers Party decided to defend the expulsions on the social networking site, Facebook. Chris Strafford reports

For principled solidarity

25 Oct 2007

Yassamine Mather of Hands Off the People of Iran points to the renewed imperialist threats but warns against the anti-imperialism of fools

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