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Police, soldiers and gangs

18 Jan 2024

Once relatively stable, Ecuador has quickly become a failed state, highlighting the criminal failure of the insane ‘war on drugs’, writes Eddie Ford

Right sets left’s agenda

13 Oct 2022

Victory for pale pink Lula would represent the defeat of Trump’s ally, Jair Bolsonaro, writes Eddie Ford - and therefore would be welcome news for Joe Biden

Not yet another coalition

14 Jul 2022

James Harvey looks at the storming of government buildings, the danger from the army and the prospects for winning a real Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Talking loud, saying nothing

26 May 2022

Paul Demarty checks in on the congress of the Socialist Party in England and Wales - a decision-making body apparently without decisions to make

Pink is the colour

27 Jan 2022

Despite supposedly bringing “feminism and gender perspective to power”, Gabriel Boric does not impress Eddie Ford. What sort of “candidate of the streets” supports laws criminalising street barricades?

How not to lead a liberation

25 Nov 2021

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Fordsburg fighter: the journey of an MK volunteer' by Amin Cajee, as told to Terry Bell (Cover2Cover Books, 2016, pp194, £22.09)

Accused of corruption

09 Sep 2021

It is bad enough that a ‘communist’ is a senior minister in a capitalist government, writes Peter Manson. But now things are even worse

Modernisation with typical characteristics

22 Jul 2021

Is the People’s Republic of China really such an odd social formation? Mike Belbin finds the answer in history

Another Venezuela?

10 Jun 2021

Ruling class fears about the new Peruvian president are very likely misplaced, writes Michael Roberts

No split in army - yet

13 May 2021

Derek James details the brutal response to the mass protest movement in Colombia and what needs to be done to avoid yet another failure

Contradictory impasse

12 Dec 2019

Peter Manson reports on the SACP’s December 9-12 special national congress.

Force the ANC to retreat

04 Jul 2019

Going back to apartheid practices means denying democracy. Peter Manson looks at the ‘traditional peoples’ legislation

Pointer to disillusionment

16 May 2019

ANC support continues to drop, writes Peter Manson, but the main beneficiary is the black nationalist EFF

A promising start

11 Apr 2019

Peter Manson welcomes the formation of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party in South Africa

A classic case of CIA subversion

28 Feb 2019

Why is Juan Guaidó still at liberty? Paul Demarty diagnoses the lack of revolutionary backbone

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