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Fur flies over Lenin

Supplement: Kautsky, Lenin and the 'April theses'

14 Jan 2010

Could Karl Kautsky - the 'pope' turned 'renegade' of orthodox Marxism - have influenced Vladimir Ilych's 'April theses'? Here we print a Karl Kautsky article from April 1917, translated into English for the first time by Ben Lewis. It is introduced by Lars T Lih, a historian based in Canada, who has been at the forefront of re-examining the complex relationship between these two widely misunderstood figures of the 20th century workers' movement

Supplement: Prospects of the Russian Revolution

14 Jan 2010

By Karl Kautsky

The four wagers of Lenin in 1917

17 Sep 2009

The Bolshevik decision to make revolution was based on four key predictions, or ‘wagers’, says Lars T Lih: international revolution, soviet democracy, peasant followership and progress towards socialism. This is an edited version of the third speech he gave to the CPGB’s Communist University

Lenin, Kautsky, and 1914

10 Sep 2009

In the second of his talks to the CPGB’s Communist University, Lars T Lih takes a closer look at Lenin’s reaction to the betrayal of German social democracy at the outbreak of World War I

VI Lenin and the influence of Kautsky

03 Sep 2009

In the first of three talks given at the CPGB’s Communist University, historian Lars T Lih discussed the relationship between two great Marxists. This is an edited version of his speech dealing with the period 1894-1914

Rediscovering Lenin

18 Dec 2008

Lars T Lih is an acclaimed scholar living in Canada. Ben Lewis spoke to him about his book, Lenin rediscovered: 'What is to be done?' in context (2006) and some of the questions it raises for the left in understanding its own history and tradition

Hegel reloaded?

13 Dec 2007

James Turley reviews: Sebastian Budgen Stathis Kouvelakis, Slavoj Zizek (eds) Lenin reloaded: toward a politics of truth Durham, 2007, pp334, £12.99

Kautsky, Lenin and Trotsky

14 Dec 2006

What were the differences, strengths and similarities? Jack Conrad investigates

Russia 1917 and the global revolution

26 Oct 2006

What were the conditions that made Russia ripe for revolution? What were the factors that led to its failure? Boris Kagarlitsky , one of Russia's leading Marxists, argues for a dialectical approach in analysing the Soviet Union and resuming the tasks of October

Lessons of October

26 Oct 2006

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group looks at how the Bolsheviks combined illegality and legality

Popular nails in the 'official' coffin

31 Aug 2006

Lawrence Parker reviews Kevin Morgan's Bolshevism and the British left part 1: 'Labour legends and Russian gold', Lawrence and Wishart, 2006, pp320, £18.99

Origins of 'Leninism'

31 Aug 2006

Mike Macnair reviews Lars T Lih's Lenin rediscovered: What is to be done? in context Brill, 2006, pp867, €129

Communist strategy and the party form

27 Apr 2006

Mike Macnair examines the Leninist 'party of a new type' and disentangles its advantages and shortcomings from the necessity of splitting from the Second International

War and revolutionary strategy

20 Apr 2006

Mike Macnair puts the record straight on Lenin's call for defeatism and insists on the necessity of the left taking the democratic question of arms seriously

War and revolutionary strategy

13 Apr 2006

Mike Macnair puts the record straight on Lenin's call for defeatism and insists on the necessity of the left taking the democratic question of arms seriously

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