WW archive > Issue 1431 - 23 February 2023

Notes on the war

One year on, the talk is of a wider conflict, even a World War III. Jack Conrad looks at the geo-politics, the military situation and the inadequacies of the existing left


Anti-colonisation; Trans and class; Soviets; Lords reform; Hocus pocus; Defend Russia; Go independent

Bellicose balloonacy

Ludicrous allegations against China reveal a political system that is losing touch with rational thought, says Daniel Lazare

A study in betrayal

The parliamentary ‘left’ is not only cowardly. Now, applauded by journalists like Owen Jones, a section of it is urging further military escalation. Talal Hangari looks at the sorry picture

Gender, class and capitalism

Mike Macnair argues that the emancipation of trans people requires the overthrow of bourgeois rule

How not to win arguments

Counterfire is in upheaval over the trans issue. Paul Demarty calls for serious debate, not heresy-hunting

Open for business

Starmer is determined to display his loyalty to big business, the state and the Atlantic alliance by purging what is already a totally marginalised and useless official left. But, asks Carla Roberts, what if Jeremy Corbyn stood as an independent?

Pahlavi has a bad day

Yassamine Mather gives an update on the mixed fortunes of the Iranian exile right, the illusions of the soft ‘left’ and the shortcomings of the internal opposition

Six days left

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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