WW archive > Issue 1486 - 11 April 2024

Tipping into the unknown

Staggering temperature rises in the Antarctic should serve as an urgent warning, writes Eddie Ford


When did it start?; Not guilty!; Complicity; Fantasy world; Anti-Muslim

Money, debt and crap

Thames Water has defaulted on debt repayments; there is talk of renationalisation. Meanwhile there is an ongoing scandal about the release of untreated sewage into rivers and seas. Mike Macnair investigates the problems and possible solutions

Two-party dictatorship

Third parties face a whole series of increasingly impossible hurdles. Daniel Lazare looks at how both Republicans and Democrats oppose democracy

Using every avenue

In what is almost certainly a general election year, Jack Conrad looks at the evolution, limits and possibilities of parliament. We don’t have to settle for Sir Keir’s Labour Party and the lesser evil

Strengthen those red lines

Left groups are arguing about the class nature of a possible Sinn Féin-led government. Even about joining as coalition partners and getting the perks and privileges of junior ministers. Anne McShane calls for unity around tried and tested principles, not diplomatic fudges

From magnificent to desperate

Share prices hit record highs, profits soar. Is another recession really off the agenda? Michael Roberts investigates present-day capitalism’s inability to end stagnation and revolutionise productivity

Gaza and militarisation

Toby Abse reports on the links between Italian universities and Israel’s war machine. Inevitably anyone who dares protest is branded an anti-Semite by the rightwing media

A paper tiger revealed

Israel is acting in an ever more bellicose fashion, doing everything it can to provoke war with Iran. Yassamine Mather looks at the Damascus consulate attack

Online Communist Forum, Sunday April 14 5pm

So far, so good

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