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Columbia, Michigan, Yale

Daniel Lazare reports on the explosion of pro-Palestine campus protests sweeping America and how the authorities are once again resorting to the anti-Semitism big lie


No to boycott; Vote for who?; Excellent; Polemic; Corbyn film

In the end of times

Militarily Israel and Iran are in different leagues. However, says Yassamine Mather, when it comes to popular opinion in the Middle East, Israel is completely isolated - apart, that is, from the ruling circles doing the bidding of the United States

Lights going out

Dissatisfaction rates soar, surgeries close and new contracts are imposed on unwilling GPs - all part of the ongoing privatisation drive, writes James Linney

My Zionist general secretary

Sharon Graham attacks Unite’s own staff and declares her support for Nato and western imperialism, writes Tony Greenstein. So when are the SWP, SPEW and Counterfire going to stop supporting her?

Thinking through the options

Vote Labour to get the Tories out? What about the Greens and the various left candidates? Mike Macnair discussed the coming general election at the April 21 aggregate of CPGB members

Applying Bolshevism globally

Comintern came into existence because of, on the one hand, the treachery of most of the social democratic parties and, on the other hand, the inspiration provided by the Bolsheviks and the October Revolution. However, as Jack Conrad explains, the main problem encountered in the early years was leftism - not least when it came to electoral strategy and tactics

A very Tory ban

With Labour support, the Tories’ smoking ban is likely to pass - but, on historical evidence, prohibition is hardly likely to work, says Paul Demarty

Online Communist Forum, Sunday April 28 5pm

Six days left

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