WW archive > Issue 1485 - 04 April 2024

Threshold for genocide met

Death toll will climb and climb. Israel’s war on Gaza has reached new depths of depravity - but it won’t stop there, warns Ian Spencer


Good-natured RCP; Welcome RCP; Greens RCP; Fairness wanting; Inside job; Assange MP?

Through fog of war

First casualty is the truth. Paul Demarty says Al Jazeera should be congratulated for presenting what is probably a fair and accurate account of the October 7 events

Notes on the war

At this particular juncture the west’s proxy finds itself on the back foot, says Jack Conrad. Doubtless that explains why Donald Tusk is warning Russia that a wider war in Europe is “a real threat”

Same old same old

Having abandoned clause four Fabianism, the Woods-Sewell tendency has issued a manifesto with a view to grandly renaming their oil slick international. Mike Macnair asks what, if anything, is new about their Revolutionary Communist International

Regulation has failed

Gambling and swindling on a colossal scale. Hedge funds and bitcoin exchanges should be closed down, demands Michael Roberts

Delight and rising hopes

Esen Uslu highlights the economics and politics behind the huge defeat suffered by Erdoğan’s electoral bloc and the opportunities that have opened up

War on the airwaves

Nation shall speak unto nation. Yassamine Mather looks at the truths, half-truths and outright lies being broadcast to Iranians and asks who was behind the stabbing of Pouria Zeraati

Lifelong friend and comrade

David Douglass remembers Tom Kilburn, August 25 1946 - March 17 2024

Online Communist Forum, Sunday April 7 5pm

Just a bit short

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