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Further criminalising speech

Tory opposition to the Scottish ‘hate crime’ act is about protecting their ‘traditional right’ to stir up hatred. Once it was Jews and Huguenots. Now it is illegal migrants, trans activists and marchers who oppose genocide in Gaza. But, asks Mike Macnair, what the hell is the SWP doing with its call for prosecutions?


Republicanism; Extremism; Shallowness; Get out!; Dance of death; Alien Christians

Selective memory syndrome

Paul Demarty admires George Galloway’s grand ambitions, but warns about a complete inability to deliver. Meanwhile, a forgetful SWP sticks to ‘strikes and streets’

Netanyahu’s war wish

A provocation like the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus has long been expected, says Moshé Machover. War with Iran would provide the cover needed for the mass expulsion of yet more Palestinians

Just what Israel wants

Despite its criminal repression, the Iranian regime should not be equated with the genocidal Zionist state, argues Yassamine Mather. In the global pecking order, Israel is way towards the top

Congress does its imperial duty

Biden’s military aid package looks like passing at long last. However, America’s political system is one of almost permanent gridlock, says Daniel Lazare

Two election tactics

The Bolsheviks are rightly famous for their armed street demonstrations and storming of the Winter Palace. But what they are less known for is their use of elections to the duma, the tsar’s toothless parliament. Jack Conrad puts the record straight

Turning the tide

Ukraine’s summer 2023 offensive was a complete failure and Russia now appears to be making tactical gains. But Kyiv is not going to be a pushover, writes Eddie Ford

Online Communist Forum, Sunday April 21 5pm

Israel and Iran: war spiral provides cover for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Speakers: Moshé Machover and Yassamine Mather

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