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Openly Jewish opposition

Around the world people are demonstrating against Israel’s war on Gaza. At the same time, Zionist provocateurs and the rightwing media step up their campaign to brand the whole solidarity movement anti-Semitic and give the state the excuse it needs to clamp down. Ian Spencer reports


Elections; Vote WPB?; Privatisation

Distracting from genocide

In the midst of Israel’s war on Gaza the ‘official communist’ CPB has launched a series of seminars on anti-Semitism. The problem is that the narrative comes directly from Zionist sources. Tony Greenstein investigates

One-state, two-state illusions

Winning the Hebrew working class in Israel is vital; so is wider regional change. Towards that end we need a minimum programme of demands, insists Moshé Machover

Ditch the constitution

America is in thrall to a dictatorship of the past. That Donald Trump is relying on the Supreme Court to establish his ‘presidential immunity’ from prosecution should act as a clarion call for mass action to achieve a genuine democracy, argues Daniel Lazare

Foibles, fantasies and failure

For too long much of the left has tailed Scottish nationalism. Yet Humza Yousaf’s fall demonstrates that control is still exercised by Westminster. But it is not just about the legal limits of devolution: there is economic reality too, writes Mike Macnair

Sir Keir flies the flag

Labour told candidates to mark St George’s Day ‘with enthusiasm’. Then there was the England jersey furore. Carl Collins examines the role of hegemony in today’s culture wars

Raising no questions

Mike Belbin reviews Alex Garland (writer and director) Civil war general release

Death in academia

Oxford University has finally closed down its Future of Humanity Institute. Paul Demarty explores the social limits of AI and the long-termist utilitarian ideology promoted by Nick Bostrom

Online Communist Forum, Sunday May 5 5pm

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