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People’s Vote: Establishment fights back

25 Oct 2018

Saturday's demonstration carried more than a whiff of a post-Brexit national government about it, writes Eddie Ford

Total intellectual collapse

27 Apr 2017

Theresa May’s snap election exposes the political bankruptcy of the far left, argues Paul Demarty

Front-line dispatch

29 Sep 2016

The rift between the Corbynistas and the right is irreconcilable. Simon Wells reports from Liverpool

No strategy towards Labour

30 Apr 2015

What is the left saying about the general election? Daniel Harvey has been investigating

Taaffe pulls out

20 Jan 2000

LSA slate for London elections

Stakes are high

16 Dec 1999

Left debates attitude toward Livingstone

SWP in or out?

14 Oct 1999

Party notes


16 Sep 1999

Party notes

Recruit and integrate

02 Sep 1999

Party notes

Crisis around the LRCI

22 Jul 1999

John Stone of the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International examines the contradictions in Workers Power’s attitude to New Labour and the Balkans war

Unison pulls plug

03 Jun 1999

Tameside careworkers


20 May 1999

Party notes

Balkans war unites internationalists

22 Apr 1999

ILN split danger

04 Feb 1999

CPGB call for left unity

Vote United Socialists?

21 Jan 1999

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