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Diversionary dead end

06 Apr 2017

The Socialist Party’s decision to stand candidates in May is delusional, argues Paul Demarty

Inconsistent left nationalists

07 May 2015

SPS and the SWP may have refused to vote SNP, writes Peter Manson, but in effect they both cheered on its advance

Following the logic of nationalism

19 Mar 2015

Solidarity is heading for deserved oblivion, writes Peter Manson

Action stations

02 Dec 1999

Tom Delargy believes that the split within the Committee for a Workers International in Scotland could end the toleration of factions in the Scottish Socialist Party

CWI Scotland split looms

18 Nov 1999

Hutchinson addresses SSP

11 Nov 1999

Confused and inconsistent democracy

28 Oct 1999

Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party and Republican Communist Network slams the CPGB’s position on the British-Irish

Left unity forum launched

15 Jul 1999

Left Euro results

17 Jun 1999

SPEW set to splinter

27 May 1999

Dissidents from a number of regions about to walk out

Left results

13 May 1999

Unionists, democrats and nationalists

08 Apr 1999

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group restates the case for a federal republic

Uncomfortable unanimity

04 Mar 1999

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party reflects on its founding conference

All-Britain alliance

18 Feb 1999

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party, discusses some of the issues and differences that are beginning to emerge and outlines his views on left unity

‘Union’ Jack and defence of the ‘British nation’ - part 1

18 Feb 1999

Allan Armstrong of the Red Republican faction of the SSP replies to ‘Unenlightened Myths’ (Weekly Worker November 19 1998)

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