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Diversionary dead end

06 Apr 2017

The Socialist Party’s decision to stand candidates in May is delusional, argues Paul Demarty

Inconsistent left nationalists

07 May 2015

SPS and the SWP may have refused to vote SNP, writes Peter Manson, but in effect they both cheered on its advance

Following the logic of nationalism

19 Mar 2015

Solidarity is heading for deserved oblivion, writes Peter Manson

United list rejected

10 Dec 1998

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party gives his views of the November 29 meeting of its national council

Westminster parliament maintains its rule

24 Jul 1997

Rosie Kane, co-chair of the Scottish Socialist Alliance, gave the following speech in a personal capacity at the campaign launch. She was the SSA’s candidate in the election for Rutherglen and is a prominent anti-roads protester and environmentalist in Glasgow