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Named after the leaderene

26 Oct 2023

Sahra Wagenknecht is that rarest of rare things - a popular politician - and she is set on a split with Die Linke and going her own way. Carla Roberts takes a look at her BSW project

Chasing after cabinet seats

27 Apr 2023

Sinn Féin looks set to become the biggest party after the next general election. Anne McShane lambasts its PBP would-be coalition partner

Social-imperialism is betrayal

02 Feb 2023

Joint statement

No unity with scabs

15 Dec 2022

There need to be clear lines of demarcation. James Harvey reports on CPGB criticisms of the sort of unity being pursued by comrades in the Netherlands

Principle not diplomacy

24 Nov 2022

Mike Macnair explores the Mandelite ‘Fourth International’ and its commitment to fudge, concealing differences and upholding bland generalities in unity projects

Open polemics cauterise

17 Nov 2022

James Harvey reports on plans, problems and the need to openly thrash out principled differences

Extreme opposition, not partners

20 Oct 2022

Treacherous calls for a Sinn Féin-led ‘left government’ should be ditched once and for all, urges Anne McShane

Uniting a motley band

13 Oct 2022

Andries Stroper reports on the first conference of a new socialist ‘party-in-formation’ and its prospects

Not time to party … yet

15 Sep 2022

Emil Jacobs of Communist Platform suggests that more preparation time is needed before there can be worthwhile unity. Certainly uniting around the call for arming Ukraine would be disastrous

Opting for electoral suicide

08 Sep 2022

Toby Abse surveys the mosaic of parliamentary centre-left and centre-right parties, factions and breakaways in the run-up to what looks likely to be a far-right landslide

Where next for Nupes?

08 Sep 2022

René Gimpel reports on the enthusiasm and success brought about by uniting the left, but warns of the dangers and pitfalls that come with a flawed programme

Cliffism to ministerialism

07 Jul 2022

The SWP’s comrades in Ireland are dreaming of joining a ‘broad alliance’ capitalist government led by Mary Lou McDonald’s Sinn Féin. Why does Alex Callinicos so tamely acquiesce to what is a betrayal of elementary principle, asks Anne McShane

Le Pen surges forward

23 Jun 2022

The danger is that the left will use anti-fascism as an excuse to cut a deal with the liberal centre. To put it mildly, that would be a profound mistake, warns Paul Demarty

Stampeded by Russia’s attack

26 May 2022

Public and parliamentary opinion have undergone a panicked swing away from non-alignment. Jan Nyström reports on the attempt to forge a principled opposition to Nato membership

Pro-Kremlin socialists

28 Apr 2022

Social-imperialism and social-pacifism are not our only problems, argues Jack Conrad. There is also a left that tails, excuses and flatters the Putin regime

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