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Red, young and programmed

06 Jan 2022

Ties van den Bogaard introduces Rood (Red), its struggle against an anti-socialist witch-hunt and its recently adopted programme

A long-established disorder?

21 Oct 2021

Famous as a polemical target of ‘Leftwing’ communism, ironically Amadeo Bordiga claimed to agree with Lenin’s strategy for world revolution. David Broder investigates

Wages of tailism

20 May 2021

Unlike others on the left, the SWP at least tries to draw lessons from the failure of Spain’s Podemos. The problem is, Paul Demarty explains, the lessons it draws are hopelessly wrong

Marking 50 years

20 May 2021

Founded by expelled PCI members, Il Manifesto has successfully outlived its rivals. Toby Abse praises the consistent anti-capitalism and pans the Maoist absurdities

Nationalist dreams and nightmares

08 Apr 2021

Mike Macnair reviews 'Workers and nationalism: Czech and German Social Democracy in Habsburg Austria, 1890-1918' by JS Beneš and 'The Fiume crisis: life in the wake of the Habsburg empire' by DK Reill

End of a dead end

25 Mar 2021

Last week’s general election saw big losses for the Socialist Party. Predictably, the leadership’s purge of the left has backfired. Emil Jacobs of the SP’s Communist Platform reports

The misuses of Gramsci

25 Feb 2021

Quoted by charlatans to provide an air of magic, praised for his ambiguities, more revered than read: David Broder calls for a serious engagement with a political strategy that still has considerable relevance

Mario Draghi? No, thanks!

18 Feb 2021

The political establishment has put differences aside to support a government that is committed to making workers, pensioners and the petty bourgeoisie pay for the Covid-19 crisis, reports Toby Abse

Disputed heritage

28 Jan 2021

The pathetically weak remnants have been marking the centenary of the Partito Comunista. Toby Abse reports from Livorno

Stay, fight and win

14 Jan 2021

Attempts to wreck the youth section have been met with a growing tide of resistance. Emil Jacobs reports on the ongoing battles in the Socialist Party (Netherlands)

Youth section will win

26 Nov 2020

The political battle cleaving the Socialist Party has dramatically intensified. Emil Jacobs reports

Bureaucratic control-freakery

12 Nov 2020

The leadership of the Socialist Party is determined to enter a coalition with bourgeois parties and gain well rewarded ministerial portfolios for a few tops. Those who oppose this disastrous line are being expelled, but not silenced. Emil Jacobs reports

Amplify the voice

22 Oct 2020

Loes Muller reports on the first meeting of the Marxist opposition in the Socialist Party (Netherlands)

In turmoil over Brexit

24 Oct 2019

The economy is set for a hammering, but the left seems determined to learn nothing, writes Anne McShane.

Little cause for optimism in Italy

06 Dec 2018

The left is fragmented, directionless and in total disarray, writes Toby Abse

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