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A right based on need

Moral outrage against Braverman’s repugnant ‘lifestyle choice’ remarks is justified, but clearly not enough. Kevin Bean makes the case for the political economy of the working class when it comes to housing

Doubling down on genocide

Sir Keir’s Chatham House speech shows exactly where he stands. But, asks Kevin Bean, where will the official Labour left go, given the massive popular movement against Israel’s war on Gaza? An uncertain tincture of courage combines with continued fear for careers and expense accounts

Europe swings right

With far-right parties making big gains and set for further advance in EU elections in 2024, Kevin Bean asks how the left should respond

Demography is destiny?

Family, home and nation politicians gathered in Budapest to bemoan falling birth rates and rising levels of migration. Kevin Bean stands up for the political economy of the working class

Expect nothing from Sir Keir

Birmingham city’s declaration of bankruptcy comes after a decade and more of austerity and the systematic erosion of local government. Kevin Bean calls for a return to democracy but on a much higher level

Fuelling the politics of hate

Once again the Tories are targeting migrants. Bibby Stockholm is meant to serve as a deterrent but, in fact, it’s a political weapon designed to prevent electoral meltdown, argues Kevin Bean

A tale of three by-elections

Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the state of bourgeois politics and the controversy over so-called green policies

Doing deals with Sir Keir

Is building a Labour Party mark two a viable strategy? Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the Unite policy conference and beyond

Enemies of the people

Kevin Bean asks why delays, objections and challenges to the Illegal Migration Bill are far from unwelcome to the Tories

A year of strikes

We must go beyond Labourism. Kevin Bean assesses the upsurge in trade union action and its limitations

Putting capital and careers first

Starmer’s purge of left candidates shows he is serious about governing ‘responsibly’, says Kevin Bean

Gloomy shades of death

Attended by a maximum of just 19 members, the online AGM testified to complete strategic failure. Kevin Bean reads the last rites

Demography is not destiny

Sinn Féin is now the biggest party in local government. But, asks Kevin Bean, what does this mean for the prospects of some kind of national reunification?

On course for No10

Labour had a good night, the Tories a horrible one. But, asks Kevin Bean, should we aim for a Labour Party mark 2 or should we aim for something higher, something far more useful?

Race, prejudice and stupidity

Diane Abbott’s version of identity politics has proved to be a gift for Sir Keir and his drive to complete the marginalisation of the left, argues Kevin Bean

Back to the old sod

Carefully scripted and tightly choreographed, Biden’s Irish visit was really about November 2024. Kevin Bean looks at the electoral politics of ‘Oirishness’

Joe’s stopover visit

Kevin Bean looks behind the hoo-ha of the 25th anniversary celebrations marking the signing of the Good Friday agreement

Driving a dead man out

Kevin Bean asks what lies behind Sir Keir and the NEC barring Jeremy Corbyn from standing as an official Labour candidate in Islington North

Turning retreat into attack

Why are so many trade union officials settling for below-inflation deals? Kevin Bean says unions must be democratised, and renewed strength used to beat Rishi Sunak’s latest anti-trade union legislation

Silent and supine

Kevin Bean looks at the shameful official left and the split between Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell over the Ukraine war

Made for each other

Kevin Bean looks beyond Tory faux outrage about Sir Keir appointing Sue Gray as chief-of-staff, and asks what it means for the prospects of the official left

Sunak’s Brexit deal

English sausages and Stilton cheese have little to do with the Windsor Framework. Kevin Bean looks at the wider strategic context

Stoked by government ministers

Kevin Bean reports on the Knowsley riot, its causes and the inadequacies of the economistic left’s responses

Play your part

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

A pack of knaves

Kim Johnson stood up for Palestinian rights, only to recant a few hours later. Kevin Bean rounds on the cowardly official Labour left

Salvaging the wreck?

Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists assesses the parlous state of the official left - illusions must be cast aside

Taking the next step

The government has no clear strategy. However, to fight back we need more than trade union militancy, argues Kevin Bean

Abolition versus reform

Brown’s proposals amount to mere tinkering and the left’s response is woefully inadequate. Kevin Bean calls for a single-chamber parliament, a federal republic and national self-determination

End of a chapter

The lame reaction to the latest expulsion exposes the bankruptcy of the official Labour left, says Kevin Bean

Bosses want migrants

Anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to the media will know that the boss class wants to increase migration in order to keep down pay levels and increase profits. Kevin Bean says, once again, the SWP gets it wrong

General election now?

Much of the left is tailing Sir Keir and the liberal media in promoting the poison of presidentialism. Kevin Bean presents the republican alternative

Man of the markets

Kevin Bean predicts that the prime minister will not have an easy ride. Already all the signs of trouble are there and a renewed outbreak of factional war looks likely

Welcome to Britaly

Because it is in steep decline, the British capitalist class has lost control over what is now a fractious, incompetent and thoroughly corrupt Conservative Party. Not a few are looking to Labour for salvation, reports Kevin Bean

Rout on all fronts

Official leftwingers cry foul, but have absolutely no answers, says Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists

Onslaught on Labour left

Kevin Bean reviews The Labour files, Al Jazeera Investigations, director Phil Rees (all four parts available on YouTube)

Sir Keir’s good week

The left is disorientated, in denial and still suffering from an orchestrated campaign of suspensions and expulsions. Kevin Bean calls for reviving Labour Against the Witchhunt and some serious rethinking

Political wing of capitalist class

While the right is relishing the prospect of government, the left is marginalised and thoroughly demoralised. Kevin Bean, expelled secretary of Wavertree CLP, reports on the Liverpool conference

Back to direct rule

Though Boris Johnson has every interest in promoting one clash with Brussels after another, now there is the war in Ukraine and the coming struggle with China. Kevin Bean puts arguments over the Northern Ireland protocol into their wider strategic context

Crisis in permanence

Sinn Féin is hailing an historic turning point, but, despite that, Irish reunification is still a long way off. Anne McShane and Kevin Bean look at the results

Sheer unadulterated murder

Kevin Bean looks back to the events of Bloody Sunday and blames the killings not merely on individual members of the paratroop regiment but those sitting round the cabinet table in Downing Street

Why we resigned

Not unity but division: joint statement by four former members of LAW’s steering committee

Hold them to account

Kevin Bean of the University of Liverpool branch reports on the attempts by the UCU leadership to sabotage union democracy

Build on what we achieved

Kevin Bean of Liverpool UCU looks back at the university pensions dispute

Defeat is victory

Gerry Adams may take pride in the legacy of Sinn Féin under his leadership, but Kevin Bean wonders how he will ultimately be regarded

Taking stock at half-time

Morale remains high, as UCU members prepare for the second phase of strike action. Kevin Bean says members are increasingly questioning neo-liberal orthodoxy

Wave of militancy

Kevin Bean of Liverpool UCU (personal capacity)

Genesis of ‘new Sinn Féin’

Kevin Bean looks back to the 1980s and 90s and the taming of the republican movement

A man and his movement

Kevin Bean examines the role played by Gerry Adams in Sinn Féin

Possibilities and challenges

Are Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Marine Le Pen from the same mould? Kevin Bean completes his analysis

Understanding the ‘populist moment’

Populism has been used as a catch-all definition covering everyone from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to Evo Morales and Rodrigo Duterte. But what is populism and what is its historical background? Kevin Bean gives some answers

From guns to government

Kevin Bean unravels the enigma of Martin McGuinness - IRA commander and deputy first minster of Northern Ireland

Historic moment or business as usual?

Kevin Bean looks at the possibilities for Sinn Féin following the assembly elections

Revolution and counterrevolution

In this article, based on a presentation to Communist University 2016, Kevin Bean examines the subjective and objective factors that prevented the development of a powerful working class republicanism in Ireland