WW archive > Issue 994 - 23 January 2014

Animal liberation and Marxism

Maciej Zurowski attended the weekend school of the Assoziation Dämmerung in Hamburg and spoke to Susann Witt-Stahl, Christian Wittgen and Christin Bernhold


Crocodile cheers ; Stupid readers ; Nazi semantics ; Human duty ; Migrants welcome ; Scottish welcome ; Absent agent

Divisive incorporation

Paul Demarty on the latest attempts by politicians to assert that 'We're all middle class now'

Class unity requires left unity

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists looks at Andrew Murray’s rejection of the new LU party

Shipwreck of dreams

Daniel Harvey looks at the lessons of the Socialist Alliance for today

Debate: Why still read Lukács?

Chris Cutrone of the US Platypus group discusses the place of philosophical questions in Marxism

Behind the liberal facade of Rowhani

Despite the easing of sanctions and the mixed messages in Tehran, writes Yassamine Mather, the Islamic regime is thoroughly committed to the capitalist free market, not the welfare of the masses

The forgotten ally and friend

Rease Higgs responds to the AWL’s defence of its behaviour over ‘comrade Alpha’


Robbie Rix on the commitment of our readers to our paper, and of the paper to Marxist unity

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