WW archive > Issue 718 - 24 April 2008


Moral basis; Puerile demands; Free speech; Petty greens; By George; Imperialist; Power grab; Utopian Conrad; Bolshevik rule; Threat condoned; Utter failure

Fighting fund

Still upward

Youth prison system in Britain is a crime

Jim Moody castigates locking away children and young people

The campus and the state

James Turley argues that students have an antagonistic relationship with college authorities

Fascism and the left

CPGB aggregate debated two motions on fascism and discussed May 1 elections. Mary Godwin reports

Putting politics first

Communist Students stood in recent Sheffield student union elections. Laurie McCauley reports

The left case for Si�n Berry

Jim Jepps responds to 'Green liquidationists snub Lindsey German' (Weekly Worker April 17)

No longer pretending?

Chris Strafford dissects the Left List

Where now for working class representation?

Toby Abse analyses the situation in Italy following the wipe out of communists in the general election

In German colours

John Rees has boasted of the political affinity between the SWP's Left List and Germany's Die Linke. Ben Klein agrees, but says this is nothing to boast about

Choosing between opportunists

Peter Manson lays out selections for May 1 elections

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