Fighting fund

Still upward

For the first time in many weeks we have received no new standing order commitment over the last seven days.

That is a pity, because, although we have now achieved our £500 target for additional regular income, we could really do with doubling that figure so as to move forward to a bigger, more attractive paper. But, don’t forget, we set July as the time when we would take stock, so we still have three months to substantially increase our standing order base.

We did, however, pull in £95 in one-off donations this week. Thank you, comrades JD (£25), HD (£20), and RD and FK (£10 each). But pride of place goes to comrade BP, a member of the Morning Star’s Communist Party of Britain, who made his £30 donation via PayPal.

He was one of 34,300 visitors to our website last week. That is another upward trend, like the increased financial support we are now getting. The number of online Weekly Worker readers is now some 7,000-8,000 up on the average six months ago.