WW archive > Issue 1483 - 21 March 2024

Delusions of ‘official optimism’

Socialist Appeal has discarded its ‘clause four’ Fabianism and made a ‘communist turn’, all explained by heady talk of a coming revolutionary crisis. Mike Macnair assesses its perspectives


National question; Absolute farce; Evidence; Kick Elbit out; Israel and BDS

Selective justice is no justice

John McDonnell has rightly called for her reinstatement. But, asks Eddie Ford, what about all the many others wrongly accused of anti-Semitism?

Doctoring the princess

Kate Middleton’s photo fiasco casts an unflattering light on the relationship between the crown and the press, argues Paul Demarty

Spirit lives on still

There was something approaching panic when George Galloway announced he was attending. David Douglass reports on this month’s commemoration in Doncaster marking the 40th anniversary of the Great Strike

Ten thousand years of sorrow

Class exploitation and war go hand in hand. Jack Conrad explores origins, Greek warriors, Christian theology and the widely held idea that Marx and Engels urged the backing of the lesser evil

Thinking beyond ceasefires

Zionism is predicated on ethnic cleansing, oppression and ultimately genocide. Carl Stevens of the Republican Labour Education Forum gives his take on different possible progressive solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Part of the establishment

There are still those who look to Hezbollah and the opening of a second front to save the Gazan population from genocide. But the last thing Hezbollah wants is war with Israel, writes Yassamine Mather

Online Communist Forum, Sunday March 24 5pm

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