WW archive > Issue 1498 - 04 July 2024

Nigel’s me too moment

Reform UK attracts bigots like flies to shit. Meanwhile, the mainstream parties parade their anti-racist credentials and compete over who can be most beastly to migrants. The irony is not lost on Eddie Ford


Third-campist; Good old SPGB; Unconscious; Well done, Carla

Searching for solutions

One-state, two-state, federal one-state ‘solutions’ - all constitute a danger when it comes to navigating the way out of the hell that imperialism and Zionist settler-colonialism has created. Jack Conrad presents the communist alternative to economistic Zionism, PLO capitulation and the dead-end of Hamas tailism

Don’t expect much

Most voters did not vote. That might or might not change in the second round. But, says Yassamine Mather, whatever happens, the supreme leader will remain in charge

Thoughts from afar

Which way for the DSA? There are those who hanker after a Labor Party based on the trade unions, like the Labour Party in Britain. Max Shanly offers some considered words of advice

Best hope for progress?

Michael Roberts reviews Ruchir Sharma What went wrong with capitalism? Allen Lane 2024, pp384, £10.99

Denialism in the circles of hell

America has armed, financed and diplomatically supported Israel throughout the Gaza war. That makes it complicit in genocide, argues Paul Demarty. Yet, as the death toll remorselessly rises, the House of Representatives votes to deny the evidence

Online Communist Forum, Sunday July 7 5pm

You did it!

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