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Free at last!

He exposed US war crimes, dissed the global hegemon and faced life imprisonment. Sir Keir Starmer did nothing to help him. On the contrary, there was complicity with the Obama administration. Marcus Strom welcomes the release, but worries about the continued threat to free speech


War criminals; No Israel; Only SPGB; Not top-down; Vote WPB; Eat my hat!; Legalise drugs

Fissures and fusions

Mainstream parties feign outrage over Nigel Farage’s Trumpite comments about the west provoking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - even though he is essentially correct, writes Eddie Ford

Bookies, mugs and pollsters

As Sunak’s campaign stumbles from bad to worse, Paul Demarty looks at the latest turn in the betting scandal and, in the absence of any differences of substance, the media obsession with the polls

Not about to be overthrown

What will the presidential election mean when it comes to sanctions, corruption and the economic woes of the mass of the population? Yassamine Mather looks at the candidates and their rival factions

Minimum programme again

To achieve the global transition to communism the working class must first conquer state power - that requires the minimum programme of economic - but crucially political - demands. Mike Macnair responds to Andrew Northall, Gerry Downing and Steve Freeman

Right questions, wrong answers

George Galloway launched his Workers Party of Britain manifesto before the assembled media. It is characterised by an eclectic mix of World War II nostalgia, radical populism and ‘socialism in one country’ Stalinism, says Carla Roberts

Upping the fight

Neither the Tories nor Labour will commit to full pay restoration, writes Richard Galen - that despite the huge popular support for doctors

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