WW archive > Issue 1301 - 28 May 2020


Learn from past; Not productive; Chase your tail; No secession; No thanks; Absurd; He has to go

Run, run, run away

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists fears that technical reasons are being used to hide rotten politics

The Biden disaster

Daniel Lazare recalls the consistently reactionary politics of the Democratic presidential candidate

Power, not office

With the main parties still jockeying for position, James Harvey looks at the ongoing calls for a ‘left government’ with Sinn Féin

It’s not just Trump

What are the prospects for China in the post-pandemic 2020s? Michael Roberts examines the factors behind a changing imperialist strategy

Beijing’s poisoned chalice

Hong Kong’s prosperity has precious little to do with democracy, writes Eddie Ford

Labour Party debate

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

The old and the new

A sharp decline in newspaper print circulation raises questions about the power of the media, argues William Kane

Four days to go

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