WW archive > Issue 1142 - 16 February 2017

It ain’t necessarily so

Who fears ‘fake news’ - and what is their own relation to the truth? Paul Demarty pulls apart the current hysteria


Trump visit; Halfway house; Socialist Brexit; Class enemy; Dreadful day; Pre-empted

New times, new tasks

Statement from Hands Off the People of Iran

Tails you lose, heads you lose

Whether over Brexit or Labour strategy, writes Eddie Ford, Corbyn is determined to appease the centre and the right

Slow moving car crash

Support for article 50 is a failure of both principle and strategy, writes Tony Greenstein

Put not your trust in judges

The fall of Michael Flynn involved not litigation, but threats of prosecution. But, if Trump is in fact brought down by the same scandal, it will not be leftwing litigation that does it, but the creation of a cross-party and inter-bureaucratic political coalition. And the result, if so, argues Howe Cheatem, will be president Pence and a new and rapid war drive

A Turn in World Politics

‘1917: the view from the streets’ - leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No4

Flee, die or receive baptism?

Rex Dunn reviews: Mihail Sebastian, 'For two thousand years', Penguin Modern Classics, 2016, pp231, £9.99

Trump ups the ante

The threat of military action against Iran is once more very much on the agenda, writes Yassamine Mather

Extra boost urgently needed

Robbie Rix needs you to make the shortest month a big success

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