WW archive > Issue 100 - 29 June 1995

Labour prepares to step into Tory shoes

This week the proverbial Tory boil burst. The Tories cannot save themselves by lancing the Europhobe boils, as they would have us believe. The party is disintegrating from top to bottom and is increasingly a blight on workers’ lives. Who knows what will happen to their disastrous leader. The real question is what will happen after the Tory collapse

Euston railworkers defend safety

Islington walkout

Building solidarity

Shell survives

Brent Spar is moved but Shell lives to fight another day

Disabling system

Rival buses hit home

Bus drivers in Chelmsford, sacked in November 1994, forced Badgerline into a settlement after running their own rival buses. Steve Argent, one of the sacked drivers, talked to us about the lessons of the dispute

Save Mumia Abu-Jamal

Abolish the death penalty

Our voice and organiser

Loss of a revolutionary

Harry Gwala: born July 30 1920; died June 19 1995

Communism through communist unity

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 24 1920

Lesser evil wins

End of the Tory road

Whatever the outcome of the Tory election contest, Blair’s New Labour looks set for government. How should the revolutionary left prepare?

Tailing the Tory school agenda

Flexible Labour

Communist Party Offensive 95

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